Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nike Dri-Fit Knit Epic Crew - Super Cute!

I bought the Nike Dri-Fit Knit Epic crew shirt from Nordstrom on a whim last week.  It looked like a cute fit and has some interesting design elements.  It's kind of weird because only some colors are on sale for $64, and the other colors are regular price of $85.  But you cannot tell which ones are on sale until you add each in your cart.  So I added all colors to my cart lol.  Turns out, only the gray one and the dark blue one are on sale.  That works for me, because I actually love the dark blue color.  The color name is Deep Night / White / Cool Grey.  The same shirt on nike.com is not on sale in any color.  But, they do have way more colors than Nordstrom carries.

This is the picture from Nordstrom:

This is the one from Nike's website, they have more angles:

I like that the back is totally different!

I like the fit of this shirt better on the Nordstrom model because it is slightly looser.  In my experience with Nike stuff, I usually wear size S.  So I ordered S in this top.  When I first received it, I held it up and thought it looked very big.  But once I put it on, I loved the fit!  It's fits looser just like on the Nordstrom model!  The material is a quite thick knit, and it is really comfortable to wear.  The bottom band is rather tight though.  I'm not sure if it would work very well for someone with wide hips.  

Here it is on me:

So the details on the sleeves are interesting, here are some close ups of it:

Here's the inner side of the sleeve:

Close up of the front:

Side view where you can see the difference in the pattern:

This is actually what the back looks like up close:

The only thing about the fit of this top that is a little imperfect is the boat neck.  If you can see from the below photo, the seam is sewn in such a way that it kind of sticks out on top of the shoulder on both sides instead of laying flat against it:

Oh well.  It's not the biggest deal.  I do really love everything about this top otherwise, so I can live with that.

Another great thing is that even though the Nike logo is on the upper left arm, it is very subtle and blends in well with the shirt.  So I can get away with wearing it as casual wear without it being so obviously a workout top.

I think the regular price of $85 is definitely on the high side, but Nike is kind of overpriced in general.  I'm much happier with it for the sale price.  So I'll have to watch out for it and see if other colors get marked down in the future!  I wouldn't mind grabbing a couple more of these!  The magenta color looks nice, and a black one would be nice too!  =P

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  1. Cute! But for the price I think I'd prefer a lulu LS swiftly ;). I'm kinda Obssessed with them. The clear mint color is GORGEOUS btw :)

    1. I don't know if this top is comparable to the LS swiftly. It's a different fit/style. I don't ever wear the swiftly tops casually, but I totally would with this one. The material is way thicker and not as delicate as the swiftly top. I have so many swiftly tops though, I'm trying to get rid of some lol.

  2. That top looks better on you than on the Nike model...lol! Gorgeous color btw.

  3. Dillard's has this on sale thru today for about $44! Just called Nordstrom to order it thru them and get the price match on the grey! Love Nordstrom--awesome customer service and free shipping!

    1. Thank you so much for the heads up!!! I just ordered 2 more!! I can't believe so many colors sold out so fast at Nordstrom and nike.com, even at full price. I wanted the raspberry one and the super bright yellow one, and both are sold out at Nordstrom so I had to order from Dillards and pay the $8.5 shipping lol. Oh well, still pretty good price! I can't wait to get them... I seriously LOVE this shirt! Thanks again!!!


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