Friday, May 9, 2014

More Nike Epic Crews!!

I was so happy with my blue Nike Dri-Fit Crew top that I bought 2 more after a tip off from a reader that Dillards had them on sale for $44!  I got the bright magenta color and the volt color which is a very very bright highlighter yellow.  I got both in the same size as my blue one - S.  I received them the other day, so I am a super happy camper right now!  Wearing nothing but Nike Epic crews all week lol.

The bright magenta color is a lot darker on Dillard's website than in person.  Good thing I saw this color on both Nordstrom and Nike's websites before it sold out.  And on both sites it was shown as a brighter and more of a berry tone vs. burgundy.  So I kind of already knew what I was getting.  I actually like the real life color more than the picture anyway so it worked out.

So the magenta one fits exactly the same as my blue one.  But the blue one has a really really subtle logo on the upper left arm.  It's almost un-noticeable.  This magenta one has a dark logo though... booo... oh well, I like the top so I'm keeping it. 

Here's the volt color... This one also has the same pattern as the blue and magenta on the forearms and back.  But it looks very subtle.  I wasn't too sure about having such a bright top.  But I actually really like it!  And I don't have anything else in this color, and it matches my shoe laces exactly!!!  =D


This color fits looser in the arms.  But everywhere else fits the same as the other two.  

Too bad it also has a dark logo:

I actually want this top in every color... but I thought I'd limit it to 3 for now!  Hehe.  I really really like the fit though.  You should seriously consider it if you are in the market for something like this.

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