Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Major Scores from ideeli!

So ideeli was having a huge sale last week and I, being a first row member and can shop an hour earlier, had major trouble adding most things to my cart!  But I did manage to snag two things at extremely cheap prices and they both fit well so I'm very happy!

This is kind of funny.  I actually bought 3 pairs of Blank NYC skinny jeans from Gilt  for $49 a pair, all in my "size up" size of 27.  But when they arrived, the first (and only) pair I tried on, I couldn't even pull them up my thigh!  So I got annoyed and said forget it, and didn't even bother opening up the other two pairs.  But they had one pair of the same jeans, though in a different color, on ideeli for only $12.99!  And it was a size 28.  So I decided to take a chance and order them.  They were not eligible for return because such a big discount was given, but I figured if they didn't fit, I'd only lose 13 bucks.  Worth a try.  They were in a very pretty metallic light pink color!  Thought the pink is very very pale, looks almost nude with a slight shimmer.  I love them!  And they fit!  They are actually even a bit loose.  So maybe the pair I got from Gilt was defective or something.  I did check the size...

Here are the ones I got from ideeli, super happy!

These jeans are great, they look super cute with heels or boots over them.  

And the second item I managed to snag was this sleeveless scoop neck embellished dress by Nameless. For only $17.99.  It's a cute little red number that fits loosely and has gold sequins embellished on the front.  Super easy to wear, all I have to do is throw on a pair of great heels, I'm thinking my Modern Vintage wedge sandals in gold will look super cute with it!

This dress also came in a dark royal blue color with silver sequins.  Super cute too!  I was debating between the two and should have just got both!  

Oh well, I went with red because I don't really have any red dresses.  I have about 10 other items from ideeli coming, so excited!  Lol!

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