Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ann Taylor Dress & Skirts!

I have to confess that I had been against Ann Taylor for years.  This is because when I first started working right out of college, my mom had bought me a bunch of work clothes from Ann Taylor.  This was close to 10 years ago (gasp!) by the way.  I thought they were ill-fitting and old lady like... LOL!  So as silly as it sounds, I never wanted to step foot into that store.  Well... last week I saw a facebook ad (I'm one of those people that clicks on facebook ads) from them with super cute looking clothes, so I clicked on it and started browsing through their website.  I was surprised at how much cute stuff they had!  I could have bought a lot!  Maybe I now belong to the "old lady" category... lol... but whatever, I just had to give Ann Taylor another shot.  They were (and still are) having 50% off sale items, so I picked up a couple things not knowing what size I would be exactly.  But my friend who is always the same size as me told me 0 would work for pretty much everything so I took a gamble.  Most of the sale items were final sale, so I restricted myself to only 3 skirts lol.  I also bought 1 dress that is full price and 1 belt on sale that is returnable.  Anyway, they all arrived today, in 3 different packages I might add.  Weird!  But I actually really like all of them!  The size is definitely spot on.  Hooray!  I love it when online shopping works out.

This is the only full priced item I got - the Mod Scarf Print dress in river blue:

I think this dress is very cute and different from what I normally wear.  It almost looks like a kimono.  The sleeves actually go all the way down, so you have the option of wearing it rolled up like the model, or having long sleeves.  Here's what it looks like on me with the sleeves down:

I got the dress in size XS.  I love the fit.  It's exactly how I wanted it - loose but still has a nice shape.  I love how easy this dress is.  It's kinda pricey at $139, but whatev.  I used some coupon code they had so I actually spent less than that.  I think it was 40% off, so it was like $85.  I'm ok with that.  This is definitely one of those pieces that I can either wear to work or to a nice dinner out or something.  So it meets my criteria of being totally versatile.

The three pencil skirts I got that are final sale were actually all quite a good deal.  I love them all too!  The first one is this Wild Jacquard Skirt.  I love the pattern.  With 50% off sale price, it was only $30.  You can't really beat that price for a lined pencil skirt.  I got it in size 0 regular.  The waistband is elastic which is quite comfy.  There's also a zipper on the back.  The length is perfect too.  I'm very happy with this.  I love the shoes they styled this skirt with!

Here it is on me:

So I had this Calvin Klein colorblock pencil skirt I loved, as seen here:

But 1. it was getting a little big on me, and 2. I washed it in the washer with like colors like the instruction said, and it completely bled onto itself!  Totally ruined.  I was so sad!  But I found this Zip Back Colorblock skirt at Ann Taylor (it seems to be sold out online already though) that is exactly the same from the front, but black with zipper on the back.  The CK skirt was the same on the front and back.  Not a big deal.  I'm happy to have found a close substitute!  Best part is this one fits better!  It was on sale for $80, but with 50% off sale price, I paid $40.  Not bad.

I love this look, it's so slimming!  Here's the side view... it's like some of you just disappears lol:

The back is actually two zippers.  The one that zips from the top stops about a quarter of the way down.  The zipper that zips from the bottom is separate.  So, no chance of it accidentally zipping all the way and falling apart on you lol.

The last pencil skirt I got was the Icicle Tweed pencil skirt.  I love tweed and herringbone and all these winter patterns.  I've been wanting a white-ish colored pencil skirt for work.  This one is exactly what I've been looking for!  It's an off white color.  And it's thick so it's not see-through at all.  I love the tweed pattern in this color.  Again, this is a size 0 regular.  Also on sale for $80, so I paid $40!

On me...


Lastly, I got this Two Tone Leather Belt in black/ivory.  This belt is only $17 with 50% off sales price.  It's super cute!  I love the two toned look.  

 I got it in size XS/S.  I might need to add a couple holes to it since it's pretty loose if I want to wear it around the narrowest part of my waist.  But if I wear it a bit lower towards the hips, it is ok.  Here's what it looks like on me over the Icicle Tweed skirt:


I could have so much fun playing with this belt and seeing what items it would go with in my closet.  

So that's my order from Ann Taylor!  I gotta keep an eye on this brand from now on and put my unjustified prejudice aside!

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  1. I like Ann Taylor when I need to dress up a bit for work function or going to my husbands work dinners...

    I teach college part time so I get away with being pretty lazy work clothes wise. I wear j crew khakis and long sleeve gap shirt or j crew sweater most days.

    1. I think I could get away with some of gap or j crew stuff to work too. But I usually like to dress up a little more.

  2. LOL @ "Maybe I now belong to the 'old lady' category." I ask myself that sometimes too when I like something from a store like AT. "Wait, are they changing their stuff to be cooler or am I just getting older and un-cooler?" I try not to think about it too much...I just like what I like. :) And the stuff you bought looks great on you- definitely NOT old lady, unless it's an old, super-hot lady.
    On the Daily Express

    1. Haha thanks!! I'm sure our taste changes as we age.... lol


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