Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Splits59 Sample Sale Scores!

I went to the Splits59 Friends & Family sample sale last Friday, and came home with soooo much stuff!  I got pieces for a friend as well as my mom, but a lot of it was for... yours truly.  Lol.  I love a lot of Splits59 designs, but I do find their retail prices on the expensive side.  They do have sales once in a while, but usually things I want are sold out in my size.  But the sample sale was amazing because there were lots of $5 pieces!  The most expensive single item there was $20.  That's for like a jacket, or a pair of pants.  They didn't have a lot of bottoms though.  I didn't see any Nova Capri tights which was definitely on my wish list - I probably got there a little before 11 am and they started at 8.  It was held in their office space in Marina Del Rey, and there weren't a whole lot of people there when I was.  So maybe they had a few pairs and they were sold out quick, or maybe they didn't have any to begin with.  Who knows.  So everything I got was either a tank or a long sleeve top.  Most of the $5 pieces were "damaged", but really they were not bad at all.  For example, one top they had considered damaged because it was over-dyed so they were afraid it would bleed during first wash.  That's nice, because at Lululemon, they would just sell those to you for full retail price anyways.  It's super aggravating when your expensive workout clothes bleed onto your other expensive workout clothes!!

Ok, let's talk about what I got!  I already own 2 Ashby ribbed tanks, but I got 4 more!  I love these tanks, they are super soft and nice.  You can wear them as workout wear or casual wear so they are versatile.  I got barberry (a nice true red), granita (grayish purple), nude, and white.  All size XS.  This tank is rather fitted and definitely will show every bulge, so I wouldn't mind a S or even M, but they only had XS and so that was what I got.  I'll only wear them on skinny days lol.  It's unfortunate though, because it's shark week right now so I don't feel very skinny when taking these photos

Oh, and I have been living in my Lululemon herringbone wunder under pants and Ash Orchid boots lately, which is pictured here...



Nude - don't have any workout tops in this color way


These Ashby tanks are very thin and the lighter colors are definitely meant to be semi-sheer.  As you can probably see from the white one above.  But I have discovered that they are GREAT to layer together!  I love layering tanks, but most of my racerback tanks are Lululemon Cool Racerbacks, which are rather thick to wear two at the same time especially while working out.  The Splits59 Ashby tanks are freaking perfect layered though.  I'm so excited about this discovery, because the options are limitless!  Here's the white one layered over the barberry one... it's pink now lol.

I also got 2 Devon tanks which I had been wanting when they first came out on Splits website.  But I held back because I believe they retailed for $65 and I thought it was just a lot of money for a tank.  Well... got 2 now for $10 total.  :)  

The colors I got are black and twilight, which is the same exact color as my Dallas hoodie.  They are both size S and fit loosely but not boxy.  I love the effortless look.  I could probably get away with XS as well but they didn't have any.  The material in this tank is buttery soft, great for draping I think.

Here's the twilight one... I've discovered that twilight is almost an exact match to Lululemon's deep zinfandel color.  I love this dark wine color.

The Devon tank is sold out, but there is a similar one online right now - the Sprint V-Back tank.  I actually ordered it during cyber monday but I am returning it since the two Devon tanks are so similar. 

Remember this Serena embroidered tank I got before and returned?  I got it in arizona/white which was orange and the back was not embroidered.  I thought it felt cheap and returned it.  But then I saw the yucca/lime color at my pilates studio a couple weeks later (not in my size though) and it looked a lot better.  I thought I had lost my chance, but then there was a size S at the sample sale!  I like it a lot better in this color:

Here's a better look of the pretty embroidery on the back, from the screen shot I took off of Splits59's website back in July... the embroidery really makes the tank special:

Lastly tank I got is this black one with a patterned silver stripe diagonally across.  I don't know the name of it.  It's actually a size M, but I held it up and figured it would fit me ok.  It's loose but I think it's totally fine.  I actually really like it:

It's hard to see the details in the stripe, but it's actually little checkered squares:

Ok, now onto the long sleeves I got lol.  Perhaps the single best deal I got was this jacket that I don't know the name of.  It was considered damaged because some thread came lose right on top of one of the front zippers.  Easily fixable.  Because of that though, I got it for $5!!  They only had one of these, it was a size XS.  It's fitted but I think it's a good size.  I love the color blocking they used on this jacket.  It also has a big double collar in light grey and black.  I love this detail.  It's a super cool looking jacket.

Here's the collar, you can also cinch it so it crunches a bit and stays standing up that way.

Pockets are large too:

Wow, I can't believe this jacket costs me only 5 bucks.  I would have spent big bucks on it without question.

I also LOVE Splits59's hoodies.  They are just super chic looking.  There have been a few I've been wanting, but didn't want to splurge.  Now I've got them for mostly $5 each.  This is so exciting I feel like I robbed somebody.

The Pose Fx Racerback Pullover in white/silver, currently online for $86.  I was always kind of interested in this ever since I first saw it but never pulled the trigger.  Glad I waited.  I love it!!  It's made of soft french terry:

I got it in a size S and love the fit.  Here it is on me.

The Dismount Viper scoop neck, selling for $94 online.  It's also french terry.  I love the python details on the shoulder and chest.

This one is also size S.  It fits looser though, and has a slightly dolman sleeve.  It's super comfy, I wore it all night as soon as I got it!  I like the relaxed fit.

Up close detail of the python print:

Man... now I want the Nova Vipers, but they are sold out except size L.  :(  I've been waitlisted.

I also got the Aerial LS hoodie in fire.  It's $86 retail.  It's made of tencel so it's super thin and lightweight.  I love the color because I've been wanting an orange top!  

This one fits rather loose.  I got it in XS.  The color is brighter in person than it shows online:

Another tencel long sleeve I got is the Ballon V-Back cover up in true violet that retails for $89.  Same as the Aerial hoodie, it is super lightweight and soft.  I think the back is interesting, and the color is gorgeous.:


Here's the size S on me.  It is a little bit shorter than I'd like.  But it's ok for $5 lol.

Lastly, I got another Vail Cutout Pullover!  I love love love the one that I have, so when I saw this barberry/apricot one, I had to get it too.  It's also a size S, same as my blue one.

Ok, I think that's all of them.  Lol.  I also got a bunch of other ones for my friend and my mom.  My total was like $200 for everything.  Omg.  I couldn't believe it.  I was seriously prepared to pay $500.  The most expensive items I got were actually for my mom.  I got her 2 jackets, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of pants.  The jackets and pants were $20 a piece.  My mom is now walking 2-4 miles every morning, so I was going to get her exercise gear for Christmas anyway.  Now she will be proud of me for saving big bucks lol.  Not to mention she will love the awesome gear!!  I just hope they fit her ok.

I think Splits59 has a different look than any other athletic clothing brand.  You guys know I love my Lulu, Lorna Jane, etc., but Splits59 is just... cooler.  That's really all I can say.  The designs are more urban and edgy.  I don't feel like I look like everyone else when I wear Splits59.  I have decided that I am wearing head to toe Splits59 for every single workout this week.  I hope I have enough pieces!  Hehehe... I'm going to go plan my outfits!

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  1. Wow! Lots of great stuff!
    I ordered a pair of nova capris during the Black Friday sale that I really like. I haven't gotten to wear them for a workout yet but I really like the fit.

    1. I looooove the Nova capris. I want the Viper Nova dammit!! Hahaha.


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