Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ebay Score! Splits59 Nova Capri Tight in Gray / Granita / Reflective!

I'm so happy right now, because I received my newest eBay purchase which is the Splits59 Nova Capri tight in the older season's color combo that I loved!  I actually wanted to get these exact ones when I saw them on their website a year ago or so, but for some reason I didn't and then they were sold out.  So I was so happy when I found these in my size on ebay!  They are the gray/granita/reflective color combo.  Best part is they were only $17!  I had $15 worth of ebay bucks too from previous purchases, so they were practically free!

I love the color combo in person!  I think these will be one of my favorites:

This is the perfect match to my Splits59 Sabrina tank in light gray/granita!  May be a bit too matchy matchy for me, but I might rock that outfit some time.

These Nova Capri Tights are shorter than my newer release of the same tights in black.  The difference is like an inch!  The black ones I have can almost be full length tights.  So maybe they are making this model longer nowadays.  Both pairs are exactly the same size, which is XS.  I love these tights because they are so comfy and flattering.  The same style can look totally different too.  No wonder they are one of Splits59's best selling products.

Omg now I am really running out of room in my dresser for all my workout tights!!  I must start selling off some.


  1. I got these tights in the recent sale. I purchased an L but they sent me an XS. :(

    1. Oh no! Did you contact them? I hope they still have another pair in your size and can send them to you! What color did you get?

  2. I got black and grey reflect. Yes, I have returned to them to exchange for the aria tight. I was quite hesitant to exchange because I ordered the dusty tight as well and was very under whelmed by it. It was basically just a pair of cotton leggings. Unfortunately, its the right size and final sale, so I would have to keep it.

    I hope the aria would be good.

    Btw, my book came! Very interesting read. I'm trying my best to keep to a 40/30/30 diet. But mostly I think I am doing a 50/25/25 or something like that. Its quite hard to go high protein because I like carbs and I can't eat nuts, beans, red meat and some fish due to the high purines...and not too much dairy due to acne...or else I might be able to up my protein easier.

    Nonetheless, I thought my love handles are smaller. Hee hee....

    1. Aww that sucks. I think the Nova tights are great, and I also like their Ginger tights. Haven't tried others..

      It is tough to get enough protein when you are trying to eat healthy and have dietary restrictions. Protein powder should help. That's always a quick and easy way to up your protein intake. Can you eat Greek yogurt? I pretty much do no dairy except for Greek yogurt. Otherwise just lots of chicken breasts or turkey. Pork tenderloin is also the leanest cut of pork and very good.

    2. Yes, I'm taking a protein powder. I just started taking the regular yoghurt again this week. So far no acne. Cross my fingers. I wanted to try greek yoghurt but have not found one with high enough I am prioritizing protein levels above calories....and am eating about 2,000 per day. Carbs level is quite easy to hit, fat can be controlled but protein is difficult. Haha....

    3. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try them out!


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