Thursday, May 15, 2014

Python... Cheetah... Burgandy!

One of my favorite colors to wear is burgandy.  I think it works well with my skin tone and hair color, and I love that it can act like a neutral color without being black or gray.  So, I got 2 pairs of pants in the same color tone!

First, I have to confess that I've been wanting these 7 For All Mankind burgandy snake print skinny jeans forever!  But I never pulled the trigger, even at the discounted price they are selling on amazon.  But I saw them on Ruelala last week for $69!  Down from the original $259 price tag.  That's the cheapest I'd seen them go for.  I also happened to have some credit from Ruelala along with free shipping.  So I paid about $50 for them, and I'm a very happy camper right now!

I ordered them in size 27, which is the bigger of the two sizes I normally get from 7.  I prefer the size up in skinny fit jeans because I don't want them to be too tight.  I'm actually really happy I sized up, because these fit tight!  Although I do think my butt and thighs have gotten bigger from the extra food and extra leg day!  So maybe it's me.  Once I wiggle in and pull them up, the waist fits perfectly so that's good!  I hate it when pants dig in at the waist, it's so uncomfortable!

The inseam on these is 28 inches, so they actually end past my ankles, right above my feet.  Since I prefer ankle pants, I just rolled them up a couple inches and created a cuff.  I think it looks better this way!

I love the high gloss snake print!  It actually looks more subtle than I thought they would.

The second pair I got have also been on my radar for a while!  They are the Splits59 Raquel pant in scarlet/liquid cheetah!  I have 3 Splits59 items in this color and I absolutely LOVE it!  The Raquel pant in this color was sold out by the time I decided I wanted them.  So I finally found a pair on ebay!  Yay!

All my Splits59 bottoms are size XS, including the Raquel Expression pant which is the same style but different color.  But these scarlet ones are size S.  I took a chance because they don't pop up on ebay very often, and I figured I wouldn't really workout in them anyway so a looser fit is ok.  

When I first took them out of the package and held them up, they looked quite big.  I was worried for a second, but they actually fit well - maybe my butt and thighs have really gotten more muscular!!!  Hmm... this is what I've been working towards, but now I'm not so sure I like the idea of having to buy all new pants!  I'd die!!!  Need to contain this budonkadonk!  Lol!

Anyway, I really love the liquid cheetah detail of these pants - it just adds a little extra something!  The material of these pants actually feel really nice, softer than other Splits59 bottoms I have.  They are a couple inches too long on me, and I'm actually thinking of getting them hemmed into crops since they are fitted through the calves anyway.  But I also like being able to wear them with wedge sneakers as casual wear.  So, we'll see!  Totally a first world problem.

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