Friday, May 2, 2014

Ivivva Rhythmic Crop Space Dye Zing Pink Light/Power Purple/Jet Set Blue!

Hehe, got my 3rd pair of Ivivva Rhythmic Space Dye crops!  Ivivva space dye prints are so pretty!  I love both the first and second pairs I got.  The third pair I just got is Zing Pink Light/Power Purple/Jet Set Blue.  I think Jet Set Blue is the only color that is not a Lululemon color?  From what I can tell in the space dye, it is a very dark and grayish blue.  It's actually hard to see any blue in there at all, other than the effect that the pink and purple combo creates.

I think in person, the pink looks a lot brighter than the web photos show.  When I first opened the package and saw how bright it was, I was kind of disappointed since I expected more of a raspberry rather than pink.  But once I put them on, I became really happy lol.  I am finding that I just don't gravitate towards hot pink tones as much anymore.  Even though there is this bright pink in the print, I think the color combo does give an overall raspberry-ish tone when you look from a little distance.

It is actually hard to capture the exact color on photos.  I think these are closer to their real life brightness than the web photos though (I got these in size 12):

So I am thinking that there are quite a few colors I can pair with these.  Aside from the white/black/gray neutral colors, they will also go with purples and blues, which I have plenty of.

I am quite happy with all these Ivivva space dye crops, especially for the price.  They are super comfy and I think the quality is really comparable to Lululemon.  I'm glad they keep 'em coming with pretty new combos!

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  1. Would you say a size 12 is equivalent to a Lululemon size 2 or 4?

    1. I'd say it's equivalent to 4. The first pair of these Ivivva crops I got are actually size 10, which I can fit in fine. I just prefer the 12 for deep squats and things like that.

    2. I actually have a comparison pic of the size 10 vs lulu size 4 if you click on the "first" pair link in the beginning of this post.

  2. Oooh. I wanted these sooo bad! I got the Glyder Mantra Crops in Acai Berry Space Dye a few months ago, so they were too close to justify. These were too tempting and now I'm a little sad I didn't get them after seeing your pics! I do agree...Ivivva has had really great space dye prints lately!

    On another note....I was super regretting not getting the black Hard Tail racerback shirt a few weeks ago. I didn't get it because I don't wear a lot of black. I went back to Core 72 today and they had a white one! I snatched it right up! It was soooo soft. I love it so much!

  3. I just read your blog today (Sunday) and the space dye crops are all sold out :( sad I keep missing them. I like these a lot! Let me know if you come across a pair in size 14 (lulu size 6). Thanks!

  4. How do you find the rise on these? Are they much lower than the Wunder Unders?


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