Tuesday, May 6, 2014

H&M Dress, Skirt & Romper

There is a new H&M that opened near my work.  I have a few things from H&M, but it's not a place that I frequent.  Well, now that there's one so close to my work, it might be a different story!  But I actually went in looking for the Conscious Collection lace dress that's sold out everywhere... I thought slim chance of them having it, but it's a new store so... maybe!

Well, they actually did have 2 of them!  One in size 2 and one in size 8.  I find H&M sizing pretty inconsistent, so I never know what size to wear.  I tried on both sizes, and the size 2 felt too tight across the shoulders, but already very baggy in the body!  Size 8 was of course even baggier in the body, but the shoulder felt much better.  I know it's the style of the dress, but I think it's a little TOO baggy for my liking.  It's truly a dress you could hide your pregnant belly in!  I thought maybe I could add a belt to it, but it is $250 so that's kind of a lot for a dress  (especially at H&M!) if I'm not 100% happy with it!  I also thought it looked pretty cheap on the hanger.  But did think that the quality looked better on.  Soooo... I passed on it.

But I found this other dress that also has the "Conscious" tag - navy striped jersey dress, and it's only $17.95!  Haha.  I do love the current nautical inspired fashion trend.  This dress is very soft and I thought it had a nice cut and fit well in size S.  It's a great casual summer dress, and would be great for vacation as well.  So I bought it!  I like the casual styling for this dress on their website:

I had my Modern Vintage wedge heels on, so this is the dress on me, slightly more dressy look.  I tied the waist around on the back instead of the front like the model:

I actually already have a dress that's kind of similar lol.  The Kensei sidewalk cafe dress.  But whateverrrr...

I also love lace skirts that are quite trendy now as well!  I liked this long white skirt.  I tried on size S in the store but it was kind of tight around the hips.  So I bought the size M without trying it on.  When I put it on at home though, I realized that the waist is a little too loose while the hips fit well.  The inner lining also tends to move up as you walk around.  Argh.  Might have to go try on the S again and see if I want to exchange.  Or maybe I should just exchange for something completely different that fits well.  We'll see.  I like this skirt though.  But I do wish it was a couple inches shorter as well.

I don't like the side view so much, it makes me look short even with 5 inch heels:

Not sure if you can tell, but the waist is very loose, oh and it's rather sheer even with the lining!  As you can see my dark blue underwear underneath lol:

Ok lastly, I got a romper!  I have been trying to make rompers work for me for a long time.  But I don't know if they ever will.  I think I will have to return this one because it is just a bit too short and doesn't really look flattering.  So as much as I love the back, I just can't keep it!  This is actually a size 8!  I tried it on in size 6 in white (the only one left in the store in navy is the size 8 I got), and thought it didn't have enough drape.  I really think I could size up to a 10 in this.  This is why H&M makes online shopping almost impossible.

I love the back though!  But not sure what kind of bra I can wear with it (not wearing one here):

Also, how do you go to the bathroom when you are wearing a romper?  It seems very inconvenient.  I drink 1+ gallon of water a day so that is a real issue lol.

I think I'll take another "lunch break" and go shopping there later this week to see what I can exchange for!  I'm going to Santa Barbara this weekend, and the weather will be real nice.  So I could use some new summer pieces!

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  1. What is your true size in pants? Bc I am a 6 and ran in and out and grabbed that same romper in a 6 and felt like it looked WAY too short and only draped a tiny bit. I just wanna know your size to compare to the 8 or 10 you ended up getting.

    1. In most brands I wear size 0 or size 2. I wear size 4 with my Lululemon bottoms, but I can't think of a single place that I wear larger than a 4. This romper in an 8 is still that short on me!

  2. With the romper it's the girth that's more important, girth is the measurement from your shoulder to your shoulder and through your legs, just like at the bottom of this link


    The problem with H&M is a lot of their stuff is UK sizing and if you're a US size 2/4 then UK size 8/10 is about right.

  3. Have fun in Santa Barbara! You should hit up the funk zone if you haven't done that yet. Super fun food and wine! Also, be on the lookout for whales at the beach! I saw them everyday last week.

    1. Ohhh whales! I will definitely watch out for them! I miss SB so much! You are lucky to live there. :) I had so much fun when I lived there, I wish I could move back! I haven't heard of this funk zone. I will have to check it out.. thanks!

  4. I'm the same way with rompers!! Feel like I've been trying to make one work for at least 3 summers now! For me it's always the back view that throws me! Until this year! Believe it or not I ordered a black in a size xs and a and the xs is PERFECTION. No joke. Old navy is always extremely hit or miss and you always have to try on to find that diamond in the rough but this is a keeper for sure! Finally. Ps we're literally the same size it appears. I'm a 4 in lulu bottoms 0 or 2 everywhere else. They also have a royal blue I have my eye on. It's so cheap I'm prob just going to get it.


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