Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Theory Suit & Blouse!

I finally bought a Theory suit!  As they say... Theory is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to women's suits, unless you want to spend thousands on Armani.  Theory is a very tailored look.  It is slim fitting though, and might not work as well for curvy shapes.  I don't really have a lot of need to wear nice suits to work.  But I think it is something that is always nice to have.  You never know when those last minute interviews might come along lol.  A nice fitting suit will definitely make all the difference.  Maybe it is really superficial of me, but how I feel about my outfit has a lot to do with how confident I am.  Of course, the more confident I feel, the more likely it is to land the job!  At least, I think that's how it works!  =P

I went to Bloomingdales last week and actually didn't know they were already doing pre-sale for their 20% off friends & family sale.  I guess that was great timing!  So my Theory suit ended up costing me $480 (before tax), which I really can't complain about.  It is a perfect fit, so I feel very good about that.

I got the Gabe B 2 Urban Blazer and the Golda 2 Urban skirt combo in black.  They have dress and pants that you can pair with the jacket too, but I went with the traditional skirt suit.

My favorite part of my new power suit though, is the blouse I got along with it!  It is on sale now too!  It's SO gorgeous - the Brindan PC Amola Blouse!  This blouse is almost $100 off from original price of $265 now.  I got 20% off on top of it!  I still think it's quite a fortune for a silk blouse, but I love the print and I figure I could dress it down by wearing it with jeans as well to add some versatility.  This pricing doesn't really make sense to me only because the skirt is $200 and it seems to have more material and probably have caused more work to make than the blouse!  But I could be wrong.  I really have no idea how different clothing pieces are made.  So I'm just assessing this based on thicker lined skirt vs. very thin and sheer blouse.  =)

So I actually got the skirt in size 0 and jacket in size 2.  The skirt is a perfect fit, I really love the double pleated back.  I can't say enough good things about it, it is really the perfect pencil skirt!

I actually wore this to work today because I had a special lunch event, and took these pictures after sitting in the skirt all day lol.  So it is a little wrinkly but not too bad for sitting all day huh??  

The jacket fits looser, which is how you want a professional jacket to fit - definitely don't want it to pull in the front when it is buttoned.

So this blouse also went on sale at Nordstrom and theory.com, and it sold out super fast at both places.  I was literally looking at it last week on both sites and now it is completely gone.  So get it from Bloomingdale's while they still have a full size run!  Nordstrom does have the solid light pink color on sale for $90 though.  Too bad only size M and L left!  Otherwise I'd totally buy another.

I actually got the Petite size, but I also tried on S and there wasn't really much of a difference.  I thought P fit slightly better because it was less slouchy on me.  If they didn't have P, I would have been happy with the S though.

It is quite sheer, so you have to wear something under it.  I'm wearing a Banana Republic cami with a satin stripe across the top.  I think it works well under this blouse!  I love the Mandarin collar of this blouse.  It's very different from a typical dress shirt but still looks very nice and professional.  I think the style/print/color would look great under either a black, gray or navy suit.  It is subtle and yet more interesting than a solid white or cream top.

I think it would really look beautiful paired with skinny dark denim jeans!

By the way, I mentioned the Coach Nala patent pumps I'm wearing here in the Sunday Funday post.  But while I was taking photos of the suit, I thought I might as well take some photos of the shoes too.  I got them at the same time as the suit so I got 20% off as well.  But I think the original price of $158 really isn't bad at all.

I love Bloomingdales, as I was trying the suit and different blouses on, I told the sales people that I wanted some shoes too and they just went to the shoe department and brought a bunch back for me to try.  Nice service!  Lol.  Apparently they did well too!  These shoes are very comfy, at only 3.25 inches high.  I also sized down to 5.5 for a perfect fit.  They are very shiny!

Not very obvious Coach logo on the back:

Wow now I feel so grown up!  Just need some job interviews to come my way so I can wear the suit... hahaha!

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  1. Very grown-up!
    I tend to dress as casually as possible (my friends joke that they only me in yoga pants) but I thinks its important to be able look and feel confident in work situations.

    1. Yeah, I try to dress better for work because I think people do look at that and judge you based on it unfortunately. It makes sense though - if you are more presentable, you are more likely to get promoted...

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