Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lots of New Lorna Jane Bras!

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Lorna Jane bras.  They just have such cute designs and actually provide good lift and shape!  I was browsing their website the other day and totally loving some of the new designs.  So I stopped by the store last week and got 4 new bras, and 2 tops!

Here are my bras... 3 of them are sparkly!  I'm like a racoon and can't stay away from sparkly things.

I think orange is the accent color that I wear the most out of all colors.  It looks great with most other colors, and I happen to have shoes with orange in them so I can always match.  So when I saw this sparkly orange bra with a cute back, I just had to have it!  It's the Lustre Sport Bra in sparkl fluro orange from the LJ Black collection (which I was told are Lorna Jane's personal favorite pieces).  It will cost you a pretty penny at $66.  

On me, I got size S:

Here's a pretty good up close of how the sparkle in the fabric looks in real life... it's actually subtle, just adds a little umph:

The next sparkly bra I got is the Lola bra in sparkle gray marl/black.  Apparently this one was super popular and sold out quick.  It's $63, so a little cheaper than the normal LJ bra price.  The store only had size L and one size XS left.  I got the XS even though I prefer size S in bras.  This one has adjustable straps though, so it's actually not too bad once I let them out to the longest setting.

It doesn't really show the sparkle well in their photos online, but in person it really looks silver rather than gray.  Silver/gold tops could be totally trashy I think, but this bra is more ghetto fabulous lol:

Third bra actually also has the same silver fabric in it - it is the Dual Support bra in canyon/lemon sorbet/ grey marl.  Also from LJ Black.  It's one of their more expensive bras at $70, while other LJ bras usually cost $65.

I love the layered look!  I've always loved the combo of gray and yellow as well.  This bra is super comfy/supportive.  I got it in size S.  Now I just need to think of tops I can wear with it that will show it off!  Maybe I need more burnout tanks lol.

 Last bra I got is the Kira Sport Bra.  This one is LJ Black as well.  Perhaps it is the most "boring" one, because the style is very simple/traditional sports bra-like.  But I only have one white sports bra so far and I've been wanting another one.  This one is white, but it has colored designs on it that makes it stand out.  I don't know why this one also costs $70 though.  The design doesn't look nearly as complicated as the Dual Support Bra above.


This one is a size S as well.  Need a burnout tank to wear over this as well lol:

This big tag is not placed strategically for photo taking... ouch:

Ok, now off to the two tops I got.  First, I was eyeing the LJ Heart Tank since Valentine's Day!  I didn't get it though, because I thought it was kind of cheesy.  But then it was sold out really fast online and I regretted it.  They had almost the whole size run at the store though!  They were hidden away, so maybe not that many people saw them.


The heart design is made of "inspirational" words and phrases.  I don't normally buy tanks with writing on them, especially inspirational ones.  I guess I find them cheesy.  But you can't really see what these words are on this tank unless you look closely.  The rest of the tank is white space dye.

I actually don't plan to wear this tank to workout in.  I'm just going to use it as a casual summer tank.  I normally size down to XS in flowy Lorna Jane tops, but they only had S as the smallest size, and I thought it looked fine.  This tank is only $39!

Ok, the 6th and final item I got was actually a surprise.  I was handed this to try while I was already in the fitting room.  The Danni Sleeveless Hoodie.  $86 bucks.  I'm not normally a vest person, but this one is just really cute and nice fitting.  The whole entire thing is made of mesh.  I think I can actually just wear it to do weights with only a sports bra under.  

It also comes in this teal color called Laguna Beach, which I tried on too and liked.  But something about the black color just looks really good.  Though the online photo of the teal one shows the mesh designs on it better:

Here it is on me:

I really like the way the hood drapes in the front:

Here's a close up of the mesh:

The thing about black pieces is that they are so hard to photograph well.  They just always look much better in person.

Anyways, spent a lot of money at Lorna Jane!  But happy to have these new items especially now that Lulu started making ugly stuff again and my money is safe from them lol.  I think it's totally the correct shopping strategy to hoard everything that you like when they come out, because every brand is bound to start making things you don't like soon enough and you'll regret having missed out on the cute stuff if you don't get them while they are available.  But maybe you don't want to take advice from a self-professed shopaholic.  =)

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  1. Love! Which location had the full run of heart tanks?

  2. Omg I was at a LJ this morning and picked up 3 bras lol. I love her sports bras they are my favorite. I tried on the vest and I loved it too.

  3. What are those pants you're wearing? They look comfy.

    1. They are Express Stella leggings that I got a few months back. The exact ones I got are sold out, but these are very similar:

      I wear them all the time! They are very comfy!

    2. Thanks! Will check them out.

  4. You have such a great sense of style and I get many ideas from reading your blog! I am in the market for some nice and comfortable sandals. I know you love heels, :), but do you have any suggestions for flat or low-heel sandals? TIA.

    1. Hmmm you got me there lol. Sorry I don't pay attention to low heel shoes whatsoever. I only know that everybody seems to love those $300/pair flats by Tieks. Not sure if they make sandals though. Maybe try Tory Burch?

  5. Did you happen to see Lorna Jane's Active Living Planner in the stores? Australia can buy it individually, but the US site only offers it as a gift if you buy $200. I'm tempted to try Lorna Jane, but I don't want to plunk down $200 just because I want the darn notebook lol!

    1. I haven't been paying attention to the planners in store. I get too distracted by the clothes lol. I haven't used my planner though. If you want it, I'll send it to ya. =)

    2. What's Lorna Jane's bra size like? Would u say its comparable to lululemon size 4?


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