Saturday, January 11, 2014

Splits59 Semi-Annual Sale - Looove!!!

Splits59 is having their semi-annual sale right now, and of course I got stuff!  They keep adding new items to the sale too... so I actually just placed another order this morning!  I lack self-control.  But I really like a lot of their designs lately, plus I'm obsessed with their french terry pullovers now.  When you like a brand, you should support it by buying a lot of stuff right??  :)

I got another Vail cutout pullover!  In ice/marianna blue this time.  I have two already!  But it's one of my favorites and I like the ice/marianna combo.  The only size they had left was XS though.  The two other ones I have are both size S and I like the slouchier fit.  But oh well.  I can roll with a tighter fit as well.  This one was only $39 now, down from $85.

When I received it in the mail yesterday, I actually thought the ice color looked different from how it looks online.  The whole top just looks more vibrant online, and ice looks almost like a light purple, probably because of the lighting used.  In person, ice is actually a light blue with faint gray undertone.  I do like the color, it's just different from what I expected.  I think these pics of the pullover on me represents the real life color better:

The triangular cutout in the back has a reflective stripe on one side on both of my other Vail cutout pullovers.  However, there isn't one on this color combo.  I'm not sure if they have updated the style to take away the reflective.  I guess there is no need for it at all, since I only wear these as casual wear.  But it's kinda nice to have.

I think it's cute, that the end of the sleeves are marianna blue, which is the color of the first Vail cutout pullover I ever got.  Here's a picture of that one when I wore it last week, and you can see the silver reflective stripe on the right side of the triangular cutout as well as the size difference.  I do like the size S better!  Oh well.  I'm still happy with the new one.  :)

Most importantly, it goes with my new OPI nail polish color!!!  

On one of the pictures, they paired this pullover with marianna blue Raquel pants.  I have marianna blue ginger crops!  I can totally wear them together too!

I also got the black/lame Pose FX Racerback pullover!  Because I love the white/silver one I have!  I could always use black, especially at only $41 now, down from $86.  I got this one in size S, which is the same size as the white/silver one.  I think it sold out already because I can't find it anymore.  The racerback portion is like this black lacquer.  I love it.

It looks like a normal black pullover from the front:

I love how the Pose pullover looks on pretty much every picture I've seen of it.  Here are some from Splits59's Instagram of this pullover on different people:

Lastly, this Tone Racerback in rose is a winner too!  I actually ordered this tank in ice before in size XS when it was full price.  I didn't think the fit was spectacular and thought it was too expensive for what it was at full price of $48, so I returned it.  But now it's only $28 which is a lot more reasonable!  So I got it in size S this time in color rose and I like the fit better!  It's made of 100% tencel so it's very light, soft and airy.  It's also pretty long and semi-sheer.  I guess I just like tanks that feel like you don't really have anything on!

Rose is a really light pink color, so there are lots of options for what colored bra to wear under it.  I put on the Lorna Jane Clover bra here, and I love the combination of violet and pink (ignore the un-matching shoes):

I love skinny back tanks because it shows a lot of the bra!

Those are the three items I got from this order.  I bought four more this morning when they put the new scarlet color on sale!  I am crazy about that color so I think I bought every item in it... lol!  Can't wait for them to get delivered to me next week!

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  1. Cute tops! I love that splits59 has good sales.

    1. Yeah me too... but they never have any bottoms on sale in my size! I'd love to scoop up some more Novas. :)

  2. I love Splits59 after seeing it on your blog!! I bought a bunch last week too, including the Vail pullover. I might be placing another order tonight, too :) I love your blog; yours is one of the few I check regularly! Thanks for reviewing all of these workout brands!!

    1. Aww thank YOU! I hope you love what you ordered! Come up and update us. :)

    2. I love everything!! Especially the Vail pullover. However, I wore it this morning for a hike and I noticed a rip in the elbow already! Have you had any issues with Splits59?

  3. Wow that sucks! Nothing like that has happened to me. I'd contact them if I were you. That's not cool. Their customer service is very good so I'm sure they'll be able to do something for you. Did you get the Vail in ice as well? In size XS? I noticed that they are sold out online. But I have an extra one, so if they let you return your damaged one and you still would like another then I'll be happy to ship it to you. :)

  4. Oh that would be great!! I have been in touch with them about getting a refund for mine--and they are sold out in XS. I'll email you :)


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