Wednesday, May 28, 2014

H&M Lace Skirts & Top, Hue Tights!

I went to H&M yesterday to return the romper and long white lace skirt I got a couple weeks ago.  The romper just didn't work on me, sadly.  The skirt was ok but I thought the length was a little awkward and sizing didn't work great on me either (S was too tight, M too loose).  I actually bought 2 shorter lace skirts in white and mint on their website last week (couldn't find them in the store I went to) which I like much better anyway!


So when I went to the store yesterday to make my returns, I picked up a new patterned tank top at the same time.  It's only $12 and I had a 20% off coupon, so I still got most of my money back!  Hehe.  I like that this tank could look good under a jacket for work, or it could be worn as a casual tank top with shorts or skirts in the summer!

I got the skirts in size 6, and the tank in size S.  Here is the white skirt and tank on me (with Modern Vintage wedge sandals):

I like the back of the tank - it kind of reminds me of my Splits59 Devon tanks!

I like this print - it's the one that Giselle wears on her current H&M ads.

The white lace skirt in size 6 fits perfectly.  I like that it's not too tight, and not too short either.

I didn't read the description when I ordered online, but I guess it has a zipper on the back!  I just figured it had an elastic wasitband like the other lace skirt I returned.  

I got the same skirt in mint in size 6 as well, but for some reason this color fits tighter.  It still fits and isn't super tight.  But I wish it fit more like the white one!  Oh well.  I love the color!


I literally don't wear flat shoes unless I'm going to the gym.  Seriously, I'm always in heels and I like them as high as possible lol.  But I thought these skirts would also work with flats for a really casual look.

Here's the white one with my Burberry patent flats that I bought when I was taking the train to work everyday and walking a bunch to/from train stations.  They don't get any love anymore!  Too bad, they are actually very cute!

I'm wearing the mint one here with my Seychelles Gala nude flats:

I will wear these skirts a lot this summer!!  The tank too.  =)

I also got my order from the Nordstrom semi-annual sale, which is just a pair of tights!  I thought they were kind of funky and different!  Kind of sexy too!  They are the Hue Ornate Backseam Print tights:


They are only $10, and Nordstrom provides free shipping so I thought why not!  I got size S/M.  They are actually kind of small.  I have to mess with them for a while to make sure they get pulled up all the way.  I'm wearing my Express minus the leather quilted mini skirt here, and BCBG Peacock pumps:

From the front, they look like good old nude tights:

Then voila!

Here's some close ups of the print on the tight:

How fun!!!  Although admittedly, I probably won't wear them much.  But they would definitely be a conversation starter - I wonder if people would mistake them for an actual tattoo!  They could also work well for sexy time of course... lol!  Anyway, only 10 bucks!

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