Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Manitobah Mukluks :)

We finally had a drop in weather here in LA, so I decided to get some Manitobah Mukluk boots!  I know I pretty much live in the tropics lol.  But I actually have been wanting to get a pair of these babies for years!  In fact, I bought a pair of wannabes from Sketchers years ago and wore them quite often.  I guess I just couldn't really justify spending $300 on a pair of boots I wouldn't wear most of the year.  Well... apparently they sell them on Amazon for a lot cheaper!  (I love Amazon.  I have been a Prime member for a long time and I buy a lot from them.  Can't beat the free 2 day shipping!)

Soooo... I couldn't decide what I wanted, and got 2 pairs!  Amazon offers free return on shoes so I figured I'd just try them on and return the pair I don't like as much.  The first pair I got are the Tall Mukluks in charcoal, which are only $105 on Amazon!  At least that's the price for my size.  You are supposed to size down a full size on boots like these, so I got size 5 in them and they fit me perfectly.  They are made of cowhide suede and rabbit fur, with Vibram sole.  They are 15 inches tall and made in Canada.  I'm pretty much decided on keeping these:

**Disclaimer:  Since I received a comment expressing concern with fur product, I felt I should add here that the fur used by Manitobah is NOT from fur farms or anywhere sourced just for fur.  They are by-products of the meat industry, same as genuine leather products.  I would never knowingly support a company or product that practices animal cruelty.  So I did do my research before making my purchase.  This is what I read on Manitobah's official fur and leather policy on the FAQ section:

"Manitobah Mukluks produces, designs, and sells traditional Aboriginal footwear. For thousands of years our people have been using leathers and furs to create beautiful and functional footwear and we are proud to carry on this tradition. The furs and leathers we use are by-products of the meat industry. We are essentially taking a material that is considered ‘waste’ and utilizing it to make our moccasins and mukluks like our ancestors have always done." ***

By the way, how cute is my new Young Threads Smarty Cat sweater??  I got it on ideeli!  It's size S and kinda baggy but I think it's ok for this style.  I love the cat with glasses!  It's a smarty cat, get it?  Lol.

The glasses are embellished with beads!

Anyway, back to my boots... they are super soft and cozy!  The 15 inch shaft height is perfect I think.  They go to a couple inches below the knee on me.  

The boot opening is actually quite wide.  So you can totally wear thick socks or leg warmers with them.  Not that I need them... I'd just wear them bare foot around here!  They actually don't feel "too warm" for LA.

Here's the tag on the inside stating that they are made in Canada:

So the other pair I got are the Nappa Leather Mukluks in white.  They are also 15 inches tall and I got them in size 5 as well.  They fit exactly the same as the charcoal pair.

However, I am disappointed to find that these are actually made in China.  But the description on Amazon clearly states made in Canada!  If you look on the Manitobah website, you can see that some styles are made in Canada (more expensive) and some are made in China.  I guess that's what a lot of brands do when they get to a certain popularity.  But I just feel like once they outsource, the quality goes out with it.  These are actually more expensive on Amazon as well, at $132.

After I received them, I did some more investigation.  There is another pair that Manitobah is selling on Amazon called Tall Nappa Vibram Mukluks.  They look exactly the same as the pair I bought, but the description states Vibram sole and made in China.  The ones I bought are supposed to have rubber sole, and made in Canada obviously.  So I think they sent me the wrong pair!  Funny thing is, these Nappa Vibram ones are $279 on Amazon!

Anyway, I have decided that it is too scary to have white boots with fur like these.  I will not be able to walk outside without fearing that they'd get dirty immediately.  So I'm not going to make a fuss about it, and will just return these.

I actually do love them though.  The nappa leather is super nice.  It's sturdier than suede so there's more structure to the boot and it stays up better without slouching.  It also feels warmer in the toes and I'd imagine a lot more wind resistant than suede.  Again, not an issue that really bothers me in my climate.  But just saying!

Another really nice thing about them is that the fur on the inside lining is longer/thicker and more luxurious than the suede pair.  It really feels divine on.  But I'd be afraid that they might wear out quicker, if the quality is not as good.  Who knows.

Oh yeah, here's where they hide the "designed in Canada, made in China" tag.... like half way down the boot where you can almost miss it completely:

I find it kind of funny too, that the made in China ones come with a nice certificate of authenticity, while the made in Canada ones do not.

Here are other close up shots of the white ones.  They are definitely pretty!

Aside from these made in China issues, the white is just not as practical as charcoal.  So I think it's a fairly easy decision for me to keep the charcoal ones.  Charcoal is a nice color and will go with pretty much everything too.  I'm super excited about them!  I've been wearing them around the house and they are very comfy!  :)

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  1. I just have to say, I think you're my favorite blogger - I love that you are a shopaholic across the board! Plus you are so inspiring beyond the "superficial"!!!


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