Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lululemon Inspire & In the Flow Crops in Deep Zinfandel

I bought both the Lululemon Inspire Crop and In the Flow Crop in deep zinfandel on Monday night.  I really liked the color and couldn't decide which ones to get.  So I got both with the intention of returning one.  The holiday shopping season kicked in, so they are having extended return period until January!  I'm sure I can find something to exchange for in the next few months.

Inspire Crops:

In the Flow crops:

So I love the seamless knit material of the In the Flow crops.  I do own 2 pairs of the Ebb & Flow crops which were the first crops Lululemon made in this material.  The material is super comfy and the waistband does amazing things to hold you in place and smooth you out.  But one thing that really bothers me about the In the Flow crops is the logo placement.  Why is it so high up, in the middle of the thigh??  It's really weird.  Actually I tried on the plum In the Flow crops when they were in stores, and didn't buy them because of it.  I would much prefer it if they would just move it down 3-4 inches.

But anyways, aside from that, deep zinfandel looks lighter and has more of a red undertone than I thought it would.  For some reason I thought it was closer to the older black swan color, which is a very dark, almost black, purple.  These are kind of purple-y and kind of plum-y.  I actually put them side by side with my bordeaux drama wunder under crops and plum nice asana jacket (which by the way is on sale now for only $79 so you should totally get one because it's awesome).  Deep zinfandel is actually quite different from those 2 colors, and definitely looks more purple.  So I am not as disappointed as I was when I first opened the package.

Plum across the top, bordeaux on the left, deep zinfandel Inspires in the middle and In the Flows on the right

So I think the fact that the logo placement is freaking weird on the In the Flow crops and the fact that the color is heathered, I have made the decision of keeping the Inspire crops.  I actually really like these Inspire crops.  I think the macro micro stripes on the waistband looks nice.  I also love that the calves don't have a contrasting color.  It makes matching much easier.  Here it is on me, in my usual size 4:

Mesh behind the knees/calves

Here are the In the Flow crops on me in the same size... it looks a little weird with the tag next to my knee lol:

The nice thing about these In the Flow crops is that the material is thick.  At least, thicker than my Ebb & Flow crops.  But they don't really pass the bend over test 100%.  When you are in a deep bend, you can see some outline/color of underwear beneath.  But I think they are totally ok for normal activities where you are not bending that deep and no one is standing right behind you to see.  It also must be said that my butt is bigger now from all my squats, lunges and step-ups!  :)

The Inspire crops have slightly more coverage I think, which is very nice because luxtreme material tends to be more on the sheer side.  Again, you can see some outline of underwear if you are in a deep bend in the Inspires, but really not bad at all.  I'm pretty happy with them despite the color not being what I thought.  I think I'll cut the tag off and wear them tomorrow!

I have a lot of tanks that will go with deep zinfandel.  I think pretty much all pinks, greens, purples and yellows will look nice with them.  So I'll definitely be able to wear them a lot.  It's always nice to veer away from black and gray bottoms once in a while!

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  1. Great blog! I'm a fellow workout fiend and love your LLL stuff! What tanks can you recomend w cute backs/designs (similar to the wandering yogi tank)? Thanks :)

    1. I love tanks with cute back designs too! But I don't think most Lululemon tanks look that interesting from the back. I like the Flow and Go tank but you'd have to track one down on ebay or something since it's no longer being sold in stores ( I think Lorna Jane carries more tanks with nice back designs, although I don't see any must haves at the moment. Maybe the Sky tank?

      I actually really want to get this Splits59 tank, but haven't pulled the trigger:

      Alo Sport also has some cute designs right now, like this one:

      Or this one:

      Some other cute tanks:

      Another Tonic:

      This Beyond Yoga tank is kinda cute too:

      Another Beyond Yoga tank:

      Victoria's Secret Sport:

      Or this Zella tank:

      Haha I think I'm having way too much fun with this. :)

    2. Found another one from Under Amour:

  2. I have been eyeing the flow crops in zinfandel since it came out but I bought the green bean a couple of weeks back and already have one in inkwell. The placement of the logo on the flow crops don't bother me though. I am waiting to see if anything else interesting comes up before I make my decision.

  3. Other than the logo placement to you like the in the flow crops as much as the ebb and flow crops? Are they basically the same?

    1. I think they are thicker than the Ebb and Flow crops, which is a good thing. Otherwise very similar. You'll like them if the logo placement doesn't bother you.


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