Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reebok Crossfit Forging Elite Sneakers Preview!

So, as I mentioned last week, I received my newest shoes for testing for Fitness Magazine.  I've been doing shoe testing on an annual basis for Fitness Magazine for like... 5 years now??  When I first started, I tested spin shoes.  That was when I took lots of spin classes of course.  Then I started running a lot so I switched over to testing running shoes the past 2 years or so.  Now that I'm lifting a lot, I've switched over to testing trainers!  Lol.  So fun!  The best perk is of course getting (and keeping) free shoes!  You really can't beat that.  This year, I was only scheduled to get 2 pairs though, as opposed to 3 pairs in years past.  I received a pair of Kelly Hansen shoes, shipped to me all the way from Norway!  But they got the size wrong and shipped me a pair of EUR size 38!  I believe that's equivalent to a US 8.  I am like... a US size 6.5 at the most.  Size 7 is even a bit big for me, so there's no way I can attempt to wear a size 8.  Too bad!

Soooo, the other pair I received will be the only pair I'll be testing this year - the Reebok Crossfit Forging Elite sneakers!  I tried to find some info about these shoes on google, but had no luck.  I couldn't even find a picture of them.  So I have no idea when they will be coming out or what price point they will be selling for.  I think they are probably so new that Reebok hasn't even designed a shoe box for them yet - they were shipped to me sans box!  In fact, the only reason I even know they are called "Crossfit Forging Elite" is because it says so on the shoe itself.  In my experience, I had always tested shoes a couple months before they came out, so there is a good chance these ones will be for sale in Spring next year.

When I first opened the box and saw these shoes, my first thought was that they looked so cool!  I love the bright blue shoe and bright yellow shoe lace combo.  I don't do Crossfit, so I am not familiar with Crossfit attire.  But when I was searching for "Crossfit Forging Elite", different clothing items kept coming up.  I guess Forging Elite is the name of the line, which makes capris, tops, etc.  Well... now they are making shoes too.

Here they are:

Here's a closer view of the inner side:

Don't they look cool??  These are size 7, which is maybe half a size bigger than I'd prefer.  But totally manageable.  That also means that they run true to size.  I've worn them for like 5 times now doing all kinds of things.  They are very light and flexible.  The top portion is made of this soft mesh which conforms to your feet.  I've been wearing my Nike Free Bionics a lot, which are Nike's solution to Crossfit.  These Reebok shoes feel much more cushiony than the Nikes.  I actually feel quite bouncy in these, which makes them better shoes for running than the Bionics.  However, their stability is not as good during squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc.  I just feel like my feet tend to slide out slightly, whereas when I'm wearing my Nike Free Bionics, they stay in place perfectly.  Though this could also be a sizing issue.  But they are still better than wearing my running shoes.

Overall, I would say these shoes are in between a running shoe and a training shoe.  That's probably exactly what they are designed for, given how Crossfit workouts are structured.  This works for me quite well as well, since I do various weight room workouts followed by cardio which is usually walking on high incline treadmill at a fast pace.  Though this week I am starting a new cardio workout which involves running/jumping up and down stadium stairs, like actually outside!  :)  So these shoes will definitely be better than Nike Free Bionics for that.

I didn't have any issues breaking these shoes in at all.  They were comfy from the moment I put them on.  If I were to be really picky, the back of the shoe sort of rubbed my heel a little the first couple times I wore them.  But I didn't get a blister or anything and totally forgot about it after a little while, so nothing serious at all.  

I wish I had more info on these, but unfortunately I don't.  I will update if I do though.  I am curious what other colors they will come in.  I think I will get a lot of use out of them, since they are very conducive to the type of workouts I do.  I love the bright color combo, but I do find it a little hard to match these shoes to my outfits.  I have a lot of blue tops that are in different tones that don't necessarily look good with this particular shade of blue.  But I've already worn them a few times in a week, and I have way more workout clothes than any normal person should, so I'm not worried.  :)

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  1. EUR 38 is a US 7. I'm in Europe and I am EUR 38 (and a size 7 in the US)

  2. Maybe give the 38 a shot! I agree with the above comment - for some reason no one can ever convert Euro sizing to American sizing. Anthropologie always says 37 is equivalent to 7, 38 is 8, etc. But no way! I'm between a 7.5 and an 8, I wear a Euro 38.5, which fits me like a 7.5. 38 is a bit too small for me, 39 too large.

    I have a pair of All Black brand shoes that actually listed the correct conversion on the box, so I'm sticking to it! :-)

  3. I think it may be dependent on the brand. In my experience though, I've always bought eur 37 or even 36. I can wear most US 7 shoes in sneakers (I prefer smaller size in heels so they don't slip off) and I compared these eur 38 shoes to my other size 7s... They are a full size larger. So it could be just that this brand runs bigger or something. Who knows! They don't have any smaller sizes, unfortunately, so I cannot wear them. :( Oh well... At least I got these Reebok shoes which are great!

  4. So I have no idea when they will be coming out or what price point they will be selling for. Best shoes for crossfit

    1. I don't know exactly when they came out but I have a pair I purchased at National Sports, Pickering, ont The reg price was 99.00 and I got them for 49.00

      They do feel really good from the moment you put them on. I wear molded inserts and they are a little tight with inserts and the shoe insole taken out. But very comfortable.
      I've been wearing them around the house. Skipping is part of my exercise routine and climbing stairs in the house is also part of my exercise routine. Very comforting through all this and no sore feet at all.

      Very happy with these sneakers.

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