Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ella Moss Evelyn Wedge Pumps!

I am in love with my new shoes - the Ella Moss Evelyn wedge pumps!  I got them from ideeli for only $49!  I also had some credit from a return I made a while ago that I was looking to spend.  So I only had to pay $14 more for these and that makes me feel like they were almost free lol.  They originally retailed for $228 and I've seen them on Gilt for about $120.  After all this time of shopping on these flash sale sites, I gotta say ideeli usually has the best prices!  I have seen it many times that Gilt or Ruelala will sell something for relative the same price, and then ideeli has the same item for half the price or less lol.  They sell out the slowest too, I'm not sure if it's because they have more stock or less people shopping from them.  But it's definitely worth checking out I think!

I didn't even know Ella Moss made shoes.  But these are really cool looking because of the ikat wedge print!  The color contrast of the top and the wedge is also pretty nice.  The upper, lining and sole are all leather.  They seem to be made quite well, and most importantly, they are super comfy, especially considering the wedge is 4.25 inches high!

Check them out...

I walked around quite a bit in them already lol

The shoe box they came in is cute too!

I bought them in size 6, and I would say they definitely run big.  I normally wear size 6 or 6.5, and these seem like a large 6.5 to me.  Although I must admit that I am more of a size 6 nowadays.  I think my feet shrunk... LOL!  It does happen.  Back in the day when I was like 25 lbs heavier, I used to be a size 7 in most shoes.  I have narrower feet to begin with, so now I'm finding that a lot of size 6 shoes are kind of loose on me.  That is the case with these shoes.  If you look at the left foot, they are a little too bit around the heel cup.

Here's a better look with the other foot lifted up out of the way!

It's ok though, I can just use some foot pads and they will fit more snug.  Even as they are now, my feet do not come out of the back when I walk in them.  They are very comfy and follow my feet well.  

I actually don't have any brown shoes, so they are my first pair!  They are like a slight reddish brown, which matches my floor lol.  I think I can wear them with a lot of different items in my closet.  I think they'll look good with 3 of my Splendid dresses!  :)

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