Monday, February 3, 2014

Newest Lorna Jane Purchases!

I went to Lorna Jane last week to look at their newest stuff, and also to spend this 40% off card I got from their blogger event that I attended a couple weeks ago.  40% off is a lot!  There is no limit either.  So I decided to somewhat take advantage of that.  I went mainly for this Arianna Excel Tank in jewel:

I looked at this tank online, and I loved the color combo of the rich teal and yellow mesh down the back.  I'm glad I went to the store to try it on, because I normally wear size S in close fitting LJ tanks like this one.  But this particular tank runs quite large.  Even XS is pretty roomy in the stomach area.  

The yellow mesh on the back is actually elastic too.  Not that that's really necessarily I suppose, but it's a good surprise.

Here's what the XS looks like on me - still long enough I think.

I haven't been the biggest fan of teal, but I think this color is growing on me.  I recently acquired the Splits59 Sabrina Razor tank in teal, so this one makes the second tank I now own in this color.

This next tank I got, I have actually been eyeing it for a while too.  But the price tag of $85.99 made me steer clear of it.  Welllll... 40% off makes it about $52, which is not the cheapest but much more acceptable.  It is the Demi Tank/Bra combo, the color is freeze/neon sherbet.  I basically put it on in the fitting room and immediately knew it was coming home with me.  I love the fit.  I'm glad I didn't try it on before I got this discount card, because I would have been in big trouble lol.

I got this tank in size S, which I think is the perfect fit.  I love the flowy-ness of it, and I think the color combo is pretty nice as well.  The back is quite pretty:

I think the web photos make this tank look less saturated than it really looks in person.  The bra is definitely more of a bright coral color in person rather than orange as it appears on (at least on my) screen.

Not sure if you can tell, but the material in this tank is quite silky and unlike any of my other LJ tanks.


On both sides of the tank where the outer layer meets the bra, they are actually sewn together so the outer layer stays in place.

So I think that was my "splurge" of the day.  Not bad.

The next top I got is also something I've been eyeing for a while.  The Motivate Excel L/S top in grey marl stripe / neon mellon.  Lol, can you see a trend here?

It must have been meant to be, because it's an older top and when I was at a different store a couple weeks ago, they had sold out of it in sizes smaller than M.  The store I went to last week had it in size S which I tried on and it was a little baggy and boxy looking.  So I was totally going to pass on it, but the sales girl was opening new boxes they just got, and they received another one in XS!  She gave it to me to try on not knowing that the S was too big on me.  I didn't have much hope for a XS but it surprised me!  I like the fit much better!


I love baseball style shirts, and love gray and pink combo.  So naturally I love this top!  It's actually $10 cheaper than the Demi tank lol.  Here's a close up of the cute shoulder mesh detail:

Lastly, I got the Radah Tank, in both colors it comes in!  They are made of a lighter material, which is space dye jersey.  The colors are fern green marl, and hot flamingo marl.  I love both colors, and since this tank is cheaper to begin with ($49.99), I figured I'd just pick up both.  They are very easy styles to wear, even outside of the gym.

I got these tanks in XS.  They are very loose fitting.  Here's the fern green marl:

Close up of the space dye:

 Hot flamingo marl:

That's all!  I think these should last me a while and motivate me to recover faster from this stupid cold and get back to the gym in full force!  :)

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