Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Splits59 Vail Cutout Pullover

I went to the Equinox shop last week after my workout, and found a lone Splits59 Vail Cutout Pullover on super discount!  It retails for $85, and Equinox typically marks things up so it was more like $90 something there.  But since it was the only one left, they marked it down to $29!  I usually wear size XS top in Splits59 products, but this pullover was a size S.  I tried it on anyways, and I actually like the slouchier fit!  So I bought it right away, then ripped the tag off immediately and wore it the next day on my plane ride!  It's made of super soft French Terry and it is the perfect weight and style for an early am plane ride.

The color I got is an older colorway, I'm not sure what it is called it's Marianna blue and but it is gorgeous.  It's like a deep Ikea blue.  Similar to Lululemon's wish blue.

I love the back cutout design.  The right side of the triangle cutout is edged in silver reflective material.  

I also like that the lower sleeves are in black and will hide dirt lol.  I'm so glad I got this for such a good deal!  Now I gotta keep my eye out for other colors of this!  I wouldn't mind having another one.  It's the perfect weight for my climate, and it's super easy to throw on with any outfit!

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