Friday, March 4, 2011

Lululemon Studio Crop, Hot Move Short, Hot Class Tank Violaceous & Black Method Sock!

I ordered some new stuff from Lululemon yesterday and they were delivered today.  I am definitely in lust with the wren Studio Crop!  I looove the Dance Studio Pants to pieces, and I know they made the crop version years ago - one of my friends wears them all the time to teach classes in.  But I never bought any.  The pants can be cinched shorter into almost crops, but they are still too long (I'm a shortie I guess - 5'5) and I'm left with too much excess material on the bottom all bunched up.  So I jumped on these crops as soon as I saw them yesterday morning.

I wear a size 2 in Dance Studio Pants (one size down from my regular Lulu pant size), but when I went online for the crops, they either didn't come in size 2s or they were sold out.  So I got the size 4 instead.  I remember when I tried on my unlined coal Dance Studio Pants in both size 2 and 4, they were very very similar.  The lined version pants though, there was a big difference between the 2 sizes.  So since the Studio Crops are unlined, I knew I'd be fine with the size 4.  When I tried them on tonight, I found that they do feel a tiny bit looser than my pants, almost imperceptible.  I think they are just fine!

I hadn't been to the store in a while so I didn't know exactly what wren looked like in person.  I think they look grayer.  Definitely not as green as the web pictures show.  It really depends on the light - sometimes I think they are totally gray, sometimes I see the green.  But I still like the color.  I love that they also come with the cinchable cord on the hem so I can cinch them up a little.  They hit me around the same place as the model when not cinched up.  Here's what they look like on me cinched:

I think these crops would be soooo awesome for trips!  They'd be perfect for any kind of destination really... from the beach to the city.  And they would be great for a number of activities too, such as hiking, walking around, or just out touring the city.  The swift fabric is lightweight, they are easy to pack - you can stash them in any corner of the luggage, and they won't really wrinkle.  Of course they would be perfect for just running errands around town as well.  I don't think I'd ever work out in them though.  But I love them.  More colors please!  I would LOVE a light khaki colored one.  And a white one.  Maybe a black one too.  Maybe dark purple too?  Navy?  Seriously I would get 5 more pairs of them! 

I also got the Hot Move Short in black/multi unicorn tears.  I don't know how I feel about the unicorn tears print.  I think the black and gray smoky look is very cool.  But I don't like the other colors mixed in, especially the puke yellow.  I stopped by the Lululemon store tonight and saw a Cool Racerback in this print and it was not very cute.  So busy looking like a first grader's drawing, and too much puke yellow.  I would love just a monotone version of unicorn tears.  Like pieces here and there but not covering the whole entire tank.  Or even monotone plus pink only or something.  But the colorful version in a small area like the Hot Move Short is not bad. 

I got lucky that the pair I got has only black and gray on the front, and only the pinky colors on the back, with very little puke yellow.  Lol.  I don't know the exact name of the yellow so I'm just calling it puke yellow.  

But these shorts are amazing!  They are made of sheer luon, like my favorite Hot Class tank material.  And the waistband is luxtreme.  They are soooo soft and comfortable!  They are very light and feels like you have nothing on.  They would be excellent for hot yoga, as they are meant for.  They would also be great for a hot summer day.  I can totally see myself wearing them to chill at home and maybe even to sleep in.  Would be so comfortable!  I also like the cinchable feature on the sides.  And the black color looks almost static gray in the sheer luon material, which is gorgeous.  So these are a definite keep for me.

However, my new Hot Class tank in violaceous didn't wow me quite as much.  

I think it's because the color is just too similar to purple crush and very violet and even potion purple.  But I think it's more violet than purple.  The color is just a more saturated, slighter darker and brighter version of purple crush and very violet.  In fact, in my Studio Crop pictures above, I'm wearing the Cool Racerback in very violet.  I think they look too close to have another tank of it.  I rarely buy more than one tank in the same color, unless I see a great deal or something.  I just haven't met a color I loved so much to stock up on in different pieces.  So, since I didn't get the "must rip off the tag right away" feeling with the violaceous Hot Class tank, I think I might have to return it, as much as I love this tank.  I'm going to wait till a different color comes out. 

By the way, when I was at the store tonight, I also tried on the Pure Balance tank in violaceous.  I liked violaceous better in that tank, but it was wayyyy too low cut for me!  And not enough support so your boobs fall to the sides.  Maybe cup inserts would've been better, but that would add to the cleavage.  Hehe.  Oh yeah I still need to get some cup inserts since I forgot to ask for them tonight.

Anyway, last thing I got from my online order yesterday was another pair of Method Sock in black!  

I still haven't had a chance to try out my aruba ones in an actual class because I decided to bum out at home last night when I had originally planned to go.  But I got the black ones anyways since the aruba ones sold out so fast, and I wanted to have multiple pairs in case I love them and regret not buying them later!  Plus you can't go wrong with black - that is the color most pilates socks come in anyways.  I just need to go try them out soon!


  1. Funny because I got all the same stuff as you minus the hot class tank in violicious (you made me feel better because it sold out in like a half hour before I got to the computer because I was planning on getting it). Also got the tears hot class bra to go with the shorts. The MORE color in uni tears the better in my book! To each his own. I'm dying to try the pure balance tank (I'm an A cup so I think it will be perfect).

  2. Which were you at? I m looking for the Unicorn Tears crb.. thx!

  3. I'm with you on the Unicorn Tears. I'm dying for a tank in an all black/grey print and was tempted by the Hot Class Bra for that reason. I think a Hot Class Tank would be amazing in an all black Unicorn Tears print.

  4. I ordered the shorts too -- mine will not arrive til Wednesday;( you know the inseam about on them -- I figured if they were too short for public wear they would make awesome pj bottoms!

  5. @Lulumum: I would love a hot class tank in black unicorn tears! But do they do patterns on sheer luon? I don't believe I've seen one before.

    @momof5: the inseam is barely 1.5 inch. Hehe. They are booty shorts. Would be perfect for a hot beach day, or as pjs. :)

  6. Yeah, I still don't understand how they advertise those kind of shorts as hot yoga shorts. It seems like you'd be showing the world your who-ha! The Reverse Groove shorts seem like good hot yoga shorts. Personally, I like crops for hot yoga. I do like how your new shorts gather on the side, but short-shorts don't flatter my legs (I have thunder thighs!) I LOVE the Dance Studio Crops! They look super cute on you.

    P.S. ARe you still looking for travel stories and stuff? I've been to Korea and have been trying to remember to write down some stuff about our trip before I forget eveything. It's been 4 years and two kids since I was there!!

  7. Hi Andrea, yeah, that'd be great to hear about Korea! Feel free to send them to me when you have a chance... =)

  8. So jealous you were able to get the wren DSC's. I was late getting back to work at lunch, and missed the party. There were only size 2 left, I need a 10. Hopefully they will be replenished at some point. Enjoy! :)

  9. Aww... I know exactly how you feel Becky! Yeah I think more colors will come out later. These will be great for spring.

  10. I have the dance studio crops in black, they came to my Canadian store a few days after the crops in Wren and coal. They look great in black. Maybe an upload this week...hope so.


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