Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lululemon Nice Asana Jacket in Plum!

I went to Lululemon yesterday to see what new goodies they got that I could exchange my black Ebb to Street tank for.  I decided that the tank just didn't look special enough to be 60 something bucks after tax.  I also didn't really find anything at the store that I liked, but I tried on the Nice Asana jacket again and took it home with me!  The first time I tried it on was when it first came out and I tried the plum/pow stripe raspberry glo light combo.  I liked the fit of the jacket a lot, but was unsure about the stripes on it.  When the solid plum one uploaded online a couple weeks later, I just didn't feel like buying it anymore because it ain't that cheap after all, at $118 + tax.  I don't wear jackets that often, so it's a little hard for me to justify that price.  But when I put it on at the store yesterday, I fell in love with it!  At least I can keep it around for a couple weeks before finally deciding!  I did feel the urge to cut off the tag immediately though.

So the fit of this jacket is very similar to the Contempo jacket that came out just before it, which I also tried on and liked a lot.  But I could not get over that weird ugly zipper on it.  I also wasn't too crazy about any colors it came in.  Plum, however, I love.

Here's the monstrosity again, in case you forgot:

Anyway, the Nice Asana jacket is pretty long.  It covers half of my butt!  I'm 5'5.  I got it in my regular size, which is 4.  It's pretty fitted but I think it's a rather flattering cut.  The luon it's made of is nice and thick, and the sleeves are quite long.  The zipper pockets are pretty decently sized as well.  I think the plum color will go with a lot of things, and the style of this jacket also could work as street wear as well as workout wear.

Anyway, I am pretty sure this one is a keeper!  I'm only debating because of the price.  But I think if I end up wearing it a lot then it's worth it.  


  1. I'm holding off for Black Swan or Indigo! I'm really wanting a deep purple. Plum is alright on me, but purples are so much better!

    BTW hope you don't mind, but I added you to my blog list on my blog....been an active reader for quite awhile. Great blog!

    1. Thanks CarrieRae!! Of course that is fine. Is black swan coming back? It would def be a nice color for a jacket! I wouldn't mind it in crops either!

  2. I love the color. I got the Can't Stop jacket in plum and have been waiting for it to cool off to wear it.

    1. Oh I like the look of the Can't Stop jacket too, but I definitely have no need for something like that. Plum is so nice... I think it works well for my skin tone.


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