Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beyond Yoga Stripe Hyper Long Legging!

Beyond Yoga was on Gilt and I bought a pair of leggings I've been eyeing ever since they came out!  The Stripe Hyper Long Leggings!  They are sold out on Beyond Yoga's website, but you can still get them from Gilt if your size is still available.  They are only $45 on Gilt now - here's the link.

The print is called Black-Heather Gray Stripe.  Doesn't it kind of look like Lululemon's coal strata stripe?  

Anyway, I bought them thinking they'd be great to lounge around in and I can wear them like how I wear my Lululemon herringbone wunder under pants - with boots.  But when I opened the package, I was quite surprised to find that they are not made of the usual Beyond Yoga supplex material.  I think they are Beyond Yoga's version of a "luxtreme" - a more high impact material.  The exact material composition is 35% nylon / 29% polyester / 24% supplex / 12% lycra.  So it definitely feels silkier than their supplex.  But it's softer than Lululemon's luxtreme.  It's kind of in between Lululemon's luon and luxtreme.  I guess it's closest to brushed luxtreme(!!) which is very nice.  So I'm happy that I can actually wear them to do higher impact workouts!  I can't wait to try them out tomorrow.

Here they are on me.  I bought in the same size as my other Beyond Yoga leggings - XS.  They fit true to size.  

Here's the print up close - I wish they had made the print on the waistband parallel to the rest of the pants!  But that's probably just me being OCD.  I don't think anyone ever sees the waistband of my pants anyway.

They kind of pool on the bottom on me.  I think the length is the same as Lululemon's wunder under pants.  I don't mind this look at all.

But as you know, I like to wear my full length tights as crops!  Since this material is thinner than supplex, I can create a fold on the bottom rather easily.


So happy I got these!  They will go with everything which is excellent.  They are super comfy so I think I could also wear them casually with boots like my original intended purpose.  $45 bucks for these is such a steal!  

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  1. They look really nice. I am tempted to buy them although I am trying to wear all the workout clothes at in my closet before buying anything new...I tend to have favorites (usually new stuff) and just wear them repeatedly and forget about the older stuff. I love the parallel stripe run day crops and have worn them almost once a week since I bought them!

    1. Well... if you only wear new stuff once a week, that leaves 6 other days to wear older stuff (or newer stuff)!! :D

  2. I'm angry at you! <--- Sarcasm.
    I just bought these because they look so cute!

    1. Hehe... Are you calling me an enabler? =P

      I hope you like them! I'm wearing them to the gym a little later today so I'll know how they do! I love the way they look! So worst case I'll wear them casually.


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