Saturday, January 25, 2014

Renvy Cara Hidden Wedge Sneaker

You've already seen my new wedge sneakers here and here, but I am just now getting a chance to post about them!  They are the Cara Hidden Wedge Sneakers by Renvy which I got on Gilt.  Interestingly enough, they are exactly the same as the LAMB Nala wedge sneakers.  They retailed for the same price too, but they are on sale on Gilt for $105, down from $245.  I think low $100s is the highest I'd spend on a pair of wedge sneakers.  These are made of genuine leather, and they are so different looking, so I had to get them!  I have worn them everywhere, and I've gotten SO many compliments on them.  A lot of times, from men pointing and nudging their female companions to look at my shoes, which I find hilarious!  They are quite "loud"!  Here are detailed pics:

 You can actually wear it with zippers half way down, which lets more air in!

Or all the way, but that's a bit too loose for me:

I think these are so cool looking!  I love the black and white combo.  But Gilt also has 3 other colors.  I think the black/blue combo is super cool too, but it just doesn't go with as many things as black and white.  They also come in solid black and brown/black.

Anyway, I got them in size 6, and they were actually a little snug!  Leather stretches though, so they fit well now after a few wears.  The tightness was mostly in the arch part of the feet, but I think that's also because I have higher arch than normal people.  

They have a 4.5 inch hidden wedge!  With about 1 inch platform, so equivalent to 3.5 inch.  They are reasonably comfortable.  But I wore them for a loooong time today (8-9 hours?) while standing mostly, and my feet were killing me by the end of the day!  

Nordstrom got in the newest LAMB wedge sneakers which look like updated versions of this one.  They are the Stephanie wedge sneakers.  I like the look of the mesh, but that probably means you can't wear socks with them which might not be so pleasant after a while!  Hehe.

But on, they have the (I believe) older version of these - the Pamela wedge sneakers.  I really like these actually.  But they are still full price, and I don't want to spend $250 on them.  I'd consider getting the black ones if they go on sale!  Though I'm not too crazy about the visible brown sole on the black shoe.

The white color is very very similar to mine.  But again, can't wear socks with these.

So I wonder why Renvy and LAMB have the exact same shoe?  Some factory just makes them and then slaps different labels on them?

Oh well.  So ladies, if you want something a little different and eye-catching, I'd definitely recommend getting these from Gilt at the discounted price!  They are also a great conversation starter, trust me, you will talk to many strangers when you have these on!  :)

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  1. Saw one o these at Nordstroms Rack last week, but didnt check price - I dont do heels. They are fun tho, remind me of modernised transformers or something!

  2. It's called "private label". Most big companies sell their designs to lower cost or bigger volume companies to make money in their designs from their own brands :) So you're getting the LAMB shoe without the name and usually with leather that's a little cheaper


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