Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lorna Jane Janet Mesh Tank - Love!

I was browsing Lorna Jane resell value on ebay, when I came across a listing for a new with tag Janet Mesh tank in size small!  I actually saw this tank at the trunk show too, and thought it was cute and summery but didn't try it on.  So I decided to get it anyways.  It arrived the next day because it was shipped from someone in SoCal too.  I was so excited to find out that the fit is fabulous!  So far I really like the fit of all the Lorna Jane products I tried on.  I love all these tanks fit loosely but still gives you a nice shape.  The material is quite interesting too with all the different sized mesh.  The colors are so vibrant, I actually wore it today during my workout and it didn't bleed at all!  Not to mention my workout was very sweaty, and it dried up super fast.  So I am pretty happy with it.  These are the pictures from the ebay listing, I think it's funny because I also use these Joy Mangano huggable hangers... I don't care they cost a buck a piece... <3 <3 <3

And I took some close up pictures of the material:

Isn't it pretty??  The funniest thing is, it matches my Sweaty Betty Adrenaline ombre tights!  Not that I would wear them together, but it's so funny!

Speaking of Sweaty Betty, the free underwear they promised arrived in the mail as well.  Although they said they were sending me a pair of their All Sport Short which is a boyshort cut:

But apparently they sent me their All Sport Bikini which is bikini cut.  I'm a little bummed about that because boyshort cut is cuter in my opinion.  But oh well, it's free.

It's a size small and itty bitty.  I have yet to try them out so I can't say yet how they perform.  They did come in a cute box which makes them look more fancy!  

And same as the Adrenaline tights, they came in a cute reusable bag:

Though I have no idea what or when I'd use this bag for.  "Sweaty Betty" is not that nice sounding to be carrying around...


  1. I'm completely fan of your outfit. The lorna jane top are so cute!!!!
    I'll try to buy one! ;)

    1. I think they have some super cute styles! So far I like all the pieces I've got.

  2. Thanks for all of the Lorna Jane reviews. I live in humid North Carolina, so I'm intrigued with all of the mesh that they use. I haven't purchased anything yet bc I've heard horrible things about their customer service on the lululemon addict blog. (She has some Australian followers who have really complained.) Keep us informed as to how these pieces perform; they are super cute!

    1. So far I've only exchanged one email with their customer service and they responded SUPER quick. I'm talking like within 2 minutes of me sending my email. So, so far so good!! I'll let you know if I have to deal with them later if I have issues... people complain about Lululemon customer service all the time too and yet they continue buying lol. I love everything I've got so far. They've held up to my sweaty workout tests too! But of course time will tell...


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