Monday, November 28, 2011

Failed Victoria's Secret Orders

Hmm so I kind of swore of Victoria's Secret clothes a while ago because I had not been so impressed with their quality.  But I still receive their emails and the other day I was tempted to go check things out.  Then I kind of went crazy and ordered a bunch of stuff!  Sadly, they have not redeemed themselves and I am returning most of the things I ordered.  Good news though, I see that now they accept return of online items in stores so I can return free of return shipping.

When I placed my order, they had a special where if you buy a sweater you get a ruffled scarf for free.  And if you spend over $100, you get free shipping.  I noticed that my order actually totaled over $200, so I placed 2 separate orders instead and got 2 free scarves!  LOL!  I am so glad I did because I actually LOVE these scarves!  They are so soft and comfy, and super cute.  They are elastic too so it's easy to make them stay in place.  I will totally be wearing them all the time even though you don't really need scarves living in LA - whatever, they are light enough to wear on chilly mornings on my way to work.  There are 4 colors to choose from:  white, pink, red and black.  I got white and pink.

I wonder if I can keep the scarves for free even though I'm returning most of the things I ordered??

Now the only thing I will be keeping, other than the scarves, is this Ruched Cotton Cowneck Sweater.  It's two for $50 so I got two.  I got most of the sweaters for work because I just find sweaters a lot more comfortable than suit jackets to wear.  And I don't really care if they have business dress anymore, I just keep on wearing my sweaters.  Nobody's said anything to me yet lol.

I got this in 2 colors, one is called scarlet red which is this bright, true red.  I have been wanting a red sweater forever and this is perfect for the holiday season as well.  The material is super light weight sweater knitted material.  It's pretty comfortable.  There are ribbons down both sides though, which makes the front and back ruched.  I would probably prefer no ribbon but it doesn't bother me.  I got these in size S and they fit on the loose side.

So the size I got doesn't fit nearly as tight in the waist as it does the model.  But it still has shape.  So that's good as I do not want tight fitting sweaters to wear to work.  If I got a size XS it would probably fit like the photo.

The color color I got is regal blue, and it's back ordered so I will be receiving it a few days later.  But I got another sweater in the same color (see below) which I am returning but I really love the color.  So I'm really excited to get it in this sweater.  I love the large cowl neck.

And here is this the same color in this Sexy Cardi Sweater.  I am returning everything from here down.

It's a great color, and it's very light weight and nice.  And it was on sale for only $19.  I would keep it but the neckline is way too low.  If it was 2 inches higher, or even an inch, I'd consider keeping.  But the fit is loose, short and kind of boxy.  So probably not.

I also got this Ruffle Cardi Sweater in "pink fairy".  It's like a cotton candy pink.  Reminds me a lot of my bridesmaids dresses.  Lol.  And only $19 too.  But it's way too short, so I'm returning it too.  Plus it's a little too little girl like to wear to work anyway.  For some reason it looks way shorter on me than it does on this model here.  It hits me at my natural waist.  Maybe she's super petit.  But I think it looks really cute on her.  Too bad, too bad.

I got this silk & cashmere blend v-neck cardigan in winter white.  It's the same sweater this model is wearing in the pink scarf picture:

This is probably my most favorite one out of all the rejects.  It's a nice lightweight material.  And it's longer than the other 2 cardigans.  But it's also very low cut like the Sexy Cardi up top.  It fits a little looser than that one through the body though.  I would keep it but then I looked at the price of $30 and decided it's not really worth that since I am not too crazy about it.  It looks like a cardigan I can get for $15 at Target.

And then I got 2 angora sweaters which I thought were so cute but they are so itchy/scratchy I can't stand them!  I literally put them on for 2 seconds and took them off.  I feel like I immediate got a rash from the harsh material.  Omg, who would ever wear something that scratchy??  You would have to always wear long sleeves under them, that's just not gonna happen.  So be warned, do not order this material at VS.

This fit of this angora boyfriend cardigan is cute though, and it looks so comfy on the model!  I wish it was super soft because I could just live in it.  I got it in this color called "sugar baby", and it's a very soft and light pink.  Nice color.  Too bad.

And then faux-wrap sweater in angora as well, I got in winter white.  I actually don't even like the fit of this one as the shoulders kind of stick up like you have shoulder pads.  Very 80s looking.  

So that's it.  The moral of the story is, don't be fooled by how cute everything looks on the Victoria's Secret models.  Lol.  


  1. LOVE that scarf. . . is it too late to get one? I need to keep up with your posts more often so I don't miss out on gems like this! Oh and I read the post about the copyright curtain photo, seriously? She's coming over to read all your stuff, but you can't use her ugly wall photo? geez.

  2. Hahaha... I think their free scarf deal is over, but if you want you could still buy it. I really love these scarves! Been wearing them everyday. =)

  3. Hi, I was wondering if VS let you keep the ruffle scarves for free after returning the other stuff, or if they charged you? I also ordered a bunch of sweaters along with the free scarf and ended up hating most of my order, but was wondering if I should include the scarves in my return or if they'll let me keep them for free. Thanks!

  4. Hi Anon, yet I did keep the scarves!!! And I use them like everyday LOL! I returned the other stuff at the store, and already got my refund, so no problems...

  5. Great, thanks for the quick reply! I LOVE the scarves too but for one of the orders I'm returning everything (including the sweater that was a required purchase for the free scarf) so hopefully they won't charge me for keeping it!

  6. If angora or mohair itches, it's because the material is made out of the cheap synthetic crap they are using in china and then label it angora/mohair. Real stuff is extremely expensive and feels like fuzzy silk. Good to know VS uses that, i will steer clear.

  7. I love angora, but am upset too that so many stores use cheap materials, cut angora and harsh nylon.
    My two softest angoras are a 54% angora ballet wrap sweater and a 88% angora 10% acrylic and 2% elastine with looks much like the VS one above, but so soft and not scratchy so it feels wonderful to sleep in on those cold winter nights!
    I'm going to have an 100% angora bed jacket/short cardigan using french angora, even though it's going to cost me nearly $200.... I can't wait!

  8. Did they back charge you for shipping since you returned the items and were under the $100?

  9. I wish I had read this before I shopped at VS too!
    I bought the faux wrap and though I love it and kept it I have to wear a long sleeve vest under.
    You're absolutely right about getting quality angora, the good ones are heaven to wear.
    My favorite top of all times is my angora halter from Forever 21, it feels as soft as a baby bunny and not itchy in any way at all. Have even fallen asleap wearing it as it feels like a second skin! Lol
    For those of you like me with only a 32A-B the fluffy angora forms well over my chest and gives it good defination.


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