Friday, January 17, 2014

French Connection Bambi Sweater Dress & Another Pair of Vince Camuto Dacoma Pumps!

I bought a French Connection Bambi sweater dress and another pair of Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps in a different color!  I got both from Ruelala and I think both were pretty good deals!  The sweater dress was only $24, down from the original price of $98.  The shoes were $39, which is less than the price I paid for my gray ones from Nordstrom.  I love and wear those so much that I felt a black pair was justified.  I literally wear them 2-3 times a week to work.

So the dress I got in size 2.  It's a knit dress so it's obviously stretchy.  If you google "French Connection Bambi dress", you can actually find varying stripes and colors of this dress.  I really like the one I got because they made the stripes thinner and closer to each other right around the hips.  It really has a very slimming effect visually.  I found this exact dress for sale here.  It's made of mostly rayon and some spandex.  So it's very soft and stretchy.  I like that the length is not too short or too long.  I think it would look great worn with tights.  But I'm just wearing the dress with the Dacoma pumps here, and also... it's been 80 degrees here!  I'm worried about this kind of weather in the middle of "winter".  We need rain badly.

I think it's really smart to make the stripes differently around the love handle area to hide imperfections there.  Then it gets wider again around the bum, and then narrower again right below.  It creates an hourglass shape!  

I would wear this dress casually on weekends with tights and boots.  But of course I can also wear it to work with a pencil skirt over it!  It becomes much more office-appropriate that way.

And... here are more shots of the shoes too.  I got them in the same size as my gray pair, which is a size 6.  I like the color combo of the black pair a lot with the darker and lighter teal on the heel and sole.  They are the exact same as my Jiris sandals, which I love to pieces.  These are basically the sandal version of the pumps:

I swear my feet keep shrinking, because now my size 6 shoes are a little big on me too!  Maybe they are stretching out??  My older size 6.5 shoes are just too big now.  When I walk, my heels come out of the back of the shoes!  Very annoying.  As you can see here, even these new ones in size 6 are a tiny bit big on me.  Not enough to size down to 5.5 though, I think.  I have lots of pads I can put inside to make them fit.  But I'm scared that my feet keep shrinking!  Seriously, size 6 is already tiny.  I don't want to have to wear 5.5!

Well anyways, I am happy to have another pair of these shoes.  Honestly, if I just alternate between these and the gray ones for work, I don't need any other shoes lol.  Together they go with pretty much 100% of my outfits.

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  1. Wow you look hot in that dress! And it was only $24?? That's awesome :)


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