Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Love! Lululemon Pace Crop and Coco Pique Wunder Unders

I am super in love with the new Lulu crops I bought - the Pace Crop in black/straightup stripes black white.  I loved them as soon as I saw them online.  I don't normally feel love at first sight for crops, since I have so so many of them.  But I really like this one!

So I loved the way these looked online obviously.  But I just received them today, and I love them even more in person!  They are made of really nice and thick luxtreme.  Way thicker than many of my other luxtreme crops.  So they feel more compressive even though I ordered them in my normal size 4, and they are 100% not sheer.  I love the look of the parallel stripe edging throughout (I only like parallel stripes in small doses like this).  They've got everything I like... nice material, nice fit, good length, wide waistband, ruching around the knee, mesh on the back of the knee, back zipper pocket AND 2 hidden waistband pockets (1 on each side of the front!).  Totally worth the money.  The tags are coming off right away... I cannot wait to wear them!

Since I normally wear shirts (lol), the edging detail right below the waistband would be covered up, like this:

I like either way.  Here are more detailed pics, I tried to take multiples from different angles to show how the design looks from different directions.  I think it's super cool.  :)

So I also ordered the coco pique wunder under pants.  I got them because I have been living in my herringbone wunder under pants ever since I got them, and I love love love them.  So I figured I'd get another pair of wunder unders.  But now I'm thinking they might be too similar to keep... and coco pique is nice, but not as soft as herringbone (by a small margin).  Also, I love the herringbone pattern since it looks a bit more dressy and I can wear boots over them. 


These are also slightly shorter than the herringbone ones, and the ankle opening is a bit looser which makes them easier to put on.  I kind of have to struggle a little with the herringbone ones going over my feet.


And here's herringbone (left) and coco pique (right) side by side.. they really aren't that different to a non-Lulu addict...

Anyways... I'll keep them for a while and decide.  I am too excited about my Pace crop right now to think about them lol.

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  1. Love both pants on you! I'm a bad influence but I actually have both piques & herringbone WU pants. I do feel the coco piqué looks different from the herringbone (enough to justify both). The herringbone & mini check piqué look almost identical from a distance. I just have all cuz I LOVE textured WU's!

    1. I think if you are standing a couple feet away, herringbone and coco pique look pretty much the same... lol... I mean... if you take off the lulu goggles...

  2. Have you ever seen any of the marshalls/tjmaxx lulu knockoffs? I wish I could afford lulus but being a shopaholic on a budget I gotta make do. Found some kyoden ones that look just like these though!


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