Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lululemon Light Up Tank & Electric Orange Cool Racerback

On Thursday a reader alerted me to a new hoodie that appeared on the Lululemon website.  I went on to check it out, and while I wasn't wanting to buy a hoodie in this heat, I did see some cute stuff!  I haven't been to a Lululemon store for a few weeks since I've been busy, and I also don't live within walking distance to a store anymore either.  So I wasn't really up to date with the newest stuff.  I do get notification emails from a couple of my local stores, but I don't think they put all their new stuff in the emails.  So I hadn't seen this Light Up Tank which is just gorgeous!  I got it in the pig pink/ heathered coal wee stripe color.

This tank is more expensive than normal Lululemon tanks, at $68.  I guess it's probably because it has more details and reflectors on the straps??  But still the price is way too much.  I figured though, that I would just order it and try it on, and I can always return it at the store.  To be honest, I was really hoping that I would hate it so I wouldn't feel like a sucker for paying over $70 for a tank (after tax).

But, when I opened the package and tried it on yesterday (love ordering from Lulu because it always gets here the next day!), I totally fell in love with it!  Oh no!  Of course this would happen!  Now I can't bare to return it.  It's such a cute tank.  It's a lot more supportive than I thought it would be - I would rank it a high support tank.  I actually think it would be really nice for someone with a large chest, because the built in bra is way bigger than my other Lululemon tanks.  Since I don't have particular large boobs, the band of the bra sits pretty low on me, which is a little weird.  It didn't come with cup inserts, so I had to use inserts from my other tops.  I don't know what happened, when I've ordered tanks from the Lululemon website in the past, I would always get cup inserts, even for bras.  But the latest 2 tanks I ordered both came without.  I can't wear my tanks without cup inserts, and I have a pair for every top.  So this is really inconvenient for me.  I can't believe I don't even get inserts for a $70 top!  I guess I'll go to the store and see if I can get some.  Super lame.  I hope their plan is not to cut costs while increasing the price! 

Anyway, so when I put the cup inserts in, they really enhanced my chest.  The straps are thick and stretchy, very comfortable and supportive, and do not dig into my shoulders.  It's such a figure flattering tank.  The lines that go down the sides actually create a hour glass figure.  They go around the outside of my boobs and make them look bigger!  And then they come in around the waist to create an illusion of a smaller waist line.  Love it!

The fit through the body is a little bit looser but still pretty figure hugging.  And I didn't realize this when I ordered it, but the hem has elastic gripper, and it's glittery too just like the Run:Energy Skirt!  This is nice, since it means the bottom will stay in place very well.  It's always great to not have to pull down your top during a run or whatever other type of work out.  I got this tank in my regular size, but I think it would also be fine if I sized up for a slightly looser fit around the chest.  Though it wouldn't have as much support if I did that.  I just have to make sure I don't gain any weight, otherwise I will have major side arm boob issue.

The back of this tank is really cool.  It's all ruching, and it's mesh, whereas the rest of the tank is luxtreme.  I really like luxtreme material because it's cooler.  That's a very good thing when it's almost 100 degrees outside!  The back pocket is huge!  I can easily put my iPhone in it and probably a lot more stuff!  I love that in a tank.

So yeah, all in all, it's a great tank.  But I won't really be needing the reflector feature, because if I'm running outside in the dark I will probably have on a long sleeve running top.  I like the whole look and color combo of this tank a lot though.  And it will be totally appropriate for the gym too.  So I'll have to just accept the fact that it's priced higher.  And my birthday's coming up next week so happy early birthday to me!  =)

While I was grabbing this tank, I also browsed through the Cool Racerback tanks since I always seem to need (or want) new colors in this style.  I believe I've written enough good things about the Cool Racerbacks in the past.  They are just so versatile and comfortable!  I own a bunch of them, and they are my go-to tank if I can't decide what I want to wear to the gym.  I even wear them outside of the gym sometimes, and wear them inside out so I can show off the pretty multi-color stitchings on the inside and hide the logo.  So when I was browsing, I saw the Electric Orange color that looked pretty.  I hadn't seen this color in person either, but took a chance on it with the option in mind of being able to return it if I didn't like it.

I'm not usually a fan of the orange color family.  But this color didn't really look orange to me online.  In person, it is a very bright - highlighter bright, peachy/salmon-y color.  I actually really like it!  It's awesome that it's so bright, I can just see how it would pump me up at the gym!  But it's a very pretty color at the same time, and I don't think it would blind anyone!  Hopefully, hehe.  I want to wear it with my chirp Flow Y bra underneath and be totally summered out.


  1. Love the light up tank. I have it in Pink and Wish.

  2. Wish looks pretty. Do you find it too blue though? lol... whatever that means! I hope it comes out in more colors... I tried it out the other day and LOVED it! So pretty and such a great fit.

  3. I've got a wish blue I just Wanna Run tank and Cool Racerback. It's a pretty color!

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