Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Funday!

So I have finally committed to my new training program today!  My trainer mostly trains girls that compete in bikini bodybuilding competitions.  I don't have any plans of actually doing a competition, but I am on the training program now!  I figure it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot and I am curious to see what changes to my body I will see.  So aside from a pretty tough training schedule I have just started today, he also put me on a pretty strict diet.  No more fun food recipes for a while.  =(  I'm pretty much eating eggs and chicken breasts now lol.

I took Monday and Tuesday of this week off as rest days but I did take a picture of my work outfit on Tuesday.  I totally forgot that I had this shirt, but I love it - the Mango sheer pleated shirt.  I wore it with Express pieced pencil skirt in navy and Ivanka Trump pinkish pumps.  This was a super comfortable outfit - this skirt is amazing.  It doesn't wrinkle and the studio stretch material stretches but also holds its shape.  And these shoes make your legs look longer!

Wednesday 5/1
What I did:  Start by doing 5 sprints at 9.5 mph, then 6 weight super sets

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Analisa tank and CW-X Pro tights, with Nike Frees.  First time I wore this tank working out, I liked it a lot, though I was a little disappointed that the weight of my iphone in the big back pocket of the tank caused it to drop way too much to the middle of my butt!  It was kind of annoying and I had to take the phone out.  Oh well.  I do have to say though, nothing beats the compression of the CW-X crops!  My knee was hurting a little from spin class last Sunday, these crops really helped during my workout and I didn't feel pain at all!

Thursday 5/2
What I did:  I warmed up by running six 1-minute sprints, and then took a pilates mat class.

As to and from, I wore the Lorna Jane Sophia Excel top.  I just really really love this top!

I also have a picture of my work outfit from the same day - it is the Shae scoop neck dress, with Esley sheer sleeve blazer in white over it.  I'm really glad I bought 3 of these blazers - I love them!!!  I wear them all the time.  I wore these Gucci green suede wedge sandals just for a pop of color!

Friday 5/3 - Took it off as well, but I liked my work outfit.  I bought some new Express Wide Waistband Editor pants but in cropped version.  Now that it's summer, and especially on Fridays, I can definitely get away with wearing pants this length!  I actually really loved these cropped pants, they are so comfy, like the pant version.  I wore it with an Express top too - the cross over pleat shell top in doll pink.  The Ivanka Trump pinkish pumps are a perfect match too!

Saturday 5/4
What I did:  I walked at 3.5 mph on 15% incline for like 15 minutes, and then did the stair stepper for another 15 minutes, before heading to another mat pilates class.  My gym was giving out gift goodies for this special class so I took it!  Got some cute Mary Jane style toe socks!

What I wore:  My new Lorna Jane Janet Mesh tank which was great!  All the mesh kept me so cool, and the colors are so vibrant.  I wore my new Lululemon Free To Be bra in very green under it - it didn't bleed on the white part of the tank!  I was worried about that.  Phew!  I loved very green under this tank because the colors are so perfect together.  I wore it with the Lululemon Ebb & Flow crops in deep indigo, and Nike Frees.

A bit blurry but oh well...

I went out to party on Saturday night!  Well, not party party... but I went to dinner at this great restaurant in Hollywood, and then the Library bar at the Redbury.  I saw the actress that plays Ari Gold's wife on Entourage there... I love that show so I was excited lol.  She's so tiny in real life!  Anyway, so I wore the Sharagano zip-front dress for the first time, and I love this dress so much!  I think the popped collar looks a little space-agey, but I rocked it anyways!  I wore it with my Modern Vintage wedge sandals.

Sunday 5/5
What I did:  I did the first workout designed by my trainer today.  It is a bunch of lower body workouts.  I used both the squat rack and the Smith machine, among many other things!  Used heavy weights too, so I'm sure my legs will feel it tomorrow.

I wore my currant Define jacket as to and from.  Another day of being matchy-matchy!

And that's all for this week!  I am looking forward to my new regimen next week.  It will be hard to stop munching on chocolates here and there! 


  1. "Now that it's summer"....we clearly live in different areas. Lol. Love the outfits as always and looking forward to hearing about the new workout routine. I've thought of doing the same thing myself.

    1. Hahaha well it got up to the 90s here last week! Though it cooled down this week again and we are at upper 60s and rained a little. Can't complain much still though. :)

      Will definitely keep you guys updated on the training progress!

  2. The Lorna Jane clothing they are as well as lululemon?
    Could you give us a post with your favorite sport clothes? ;)


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