Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some Very Cute Express Stuff

I bought a few more things online last week from Express for work mostly.  They are having their semi-annual clearance right now so there are some pretty good deals.  I received my package today and I've got to say, I love every single one of them!  This is a surprise because I wasn't too sure about most of them when I made my purchase.  I expected to return at least half of them, but I'm definitely keeping them all!

My #1 surprise was this Oversized Drape Neck Pullover Sweater.  

I only bought it because it is on sale for $19.99, with additional 30% off at check out.  I think it ended up being $13.  So I figured I'd give it a try, even though I don't know about this baggy style.  I feel like this style is usually hit or miss.  But it's so cute!  It doesn't add bulk at all because it's cut in a very flattering way.  It's actually very slimming.  The sweater knit has sheen to it so it's very pretty.  I bought it in the above color which they call "ivory" but really it looks white/silver.  I bought it in size XS and it fits nicely but looks a couple inches shorter on me than it does on the model.  The drape neck goes very low so you definitely need to wear a tank under.  I think it will go with pretty much any color underneath.  I love it!  I am thinking of getting the black one also.  It's such a good deal!  And it will work for many different occasions.

I also bought another pair of Wide Waistband Editor pants, in a gray "Spring Tweed".

These pants are so pretty!  They kind of have a little sheen to them too, but they are pretty much just gray.  I love the fit of these pants.  Basically Express Wide Waistband Editor pants are all I wear to work.  And when I first started buying them from Express when they first came out a few years ago, they made them soooo big.  I had to buy them in size 00.  Then later on they made them smaller and I became in between size 0 and size 2.  The last 2 pairs I bought were in size 2 and they are a little loose so I wear them if I feel bloated.  I bought these new ones in size 2 as well, but they fit really well!  The waist fits perfectly and the butt and thighs are definitely tighter than my other size 2s.  Express is very inconsistent.  Oh well.  You win some and you lose some.  They are also on sale for $55, and I had a discount card from them so I ended up paying about $35 for these.  Pretty cool.

Next I bought the Mesh Wedge Pullover in purple.

This sweater actually also has some silver in the thread... lol.  I love it.  I really like wearing dolman style sweaters to work, so I know I will wear this one a lot too.  The color combo is nice.  And it is also on sale for $29.99 with additional 30% off.  So ended up being $20.  It was a deal I couldn't pass on.  I think it will go with all my black and gray bottoms.  I bought it in size XS but I think S could also work because it is a little bit on the short side.  It's still a loose fit though.

Lastly, I bought this Stripe Cotton Boyfriend Cardigan.

I bought this cardigan in size XS as well but it still fits big.  They must have pinned back the back of it on the model because no way it would fit her tight around the waist like that.  I think it's supposed to fit loosely because of the boyfriend style.  I can literally put it on pullover style without having to unbutton it.  Good for lazy ol' me.  It's also very soft and light weight.  I can see many different occasions for this as well.  Oh yeah, this one is on sale too for $29.  

Hmm I must search more on the Express website and see if there's anything else I want while the sale still lasts!  I love that I spent $100 after taxes and shipping for 4 items!


  1. I have to thank you for introducing me to the wide waist band editor pants. Express opened a few months ago in my mall (I'm in Canada) and I never paid much attention to it. I got these pants in a brown and they are so comfy! I also got an aqua blouse; all together it cost just over $68. Busch a good deal, I will need to revisit them soon.

    1. Aww that's great to hear! I love these pants precisely b/c they are so comfy, cute, they don't wrinkle and you can machine wash them and they retain their crease! I think Express makes some very cute stuff for really good prices, they always have good sales too and send out coupon cards so you don't ever have to pay full price. I wear so much of their stuff to work! I can have variety without spending a fortune. =)


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