Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Funday!

So there's only 4 weeks left to my test and I am beginning to be in super studying mode, that means I gotta finish this quick today so I can go take a 6 hour practice test!  Yuck.

Well, first I wanted to say that if you have not entered into the drawing for the Lash Allure MD giveaway, please do so by end of day tomorrow (Monday, 5/7).  I will be posting winners on Tuesday so good luck to all who have entered so far!  And please please please contact me within a reasonable time frame if you are picked.  If I don't hear back, I will have to drop your name and pick someone else.

Secondly, I went to Lululemon today and exchanged my flash Flow Y bra to the flash Centered Energy bra!  So cute!!  I know I have major issues and am extremely indecisive.  But the back of the Centered Energy bra is so cute!  And it's so comfy on too.

This bra is luxtreme, and it is actually more supportive than I thought it would be.  Though the bottom band is very thin and I had to do multiple arm lift tests to see if my boobs would pop out of the bottom!  I tried on both size 4 and size 6, and went with the 4 eventually because I felt that there was more chance of that with the size 6.  Plus 4 is a bit more supportive without being too constricting.  I tried a couple cool racerbacks on over it and it works well.  So this one is definitely a keeper.

I saw the new Lulu swim gear, and didn't even bother trying them on except for the Flip Out Board short which had kind of an off fit.  Like it accentuated the "camel-toe" look.  Although I had to try it on over my crops since I wasn't wearing any underwear lol.  Whatever, it ain't worth $58 for sure.

Ok now let's talk about this week's workouts and outfits!  I actually have decided that in the interest of time management, I am working out 4 times a week instead of 5 between now and my test (June 2).  It was a hard choice, but eventually I decided that I just really can't fail this test because I can't imagine having to study for it again next year.  Some of my coworkers were suggesting I cut out workouts completely and focus 100% on studying.  Umm no, that's not gonna happen.  I think working out makes me feel better and then I can study better anyway!  I rather just call in sick a few times between now and June 2!  Good thing my boss doesn't read this.

As usual, Monday was rest day so I will start on Tuesday.

Tuesday 5/1 
What I did:  I went to the gym and continued my weight lifting program.  Stage 5, workout A!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in aruba, with white Flow Y bra under.  Paired with coal groove pants and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.  Whiskey wanted to show you his butt... hehe.

I wore my beloved Journey Jacket as to/from.

I also have a work outfit from the same day.  I went a little casual, and I wanted to show how I incorporate Lulu clothes into work clothes!  I wore my jacquard lace cool racerback as a cami under my Abercrombie Elaine sweater.

Wednesday 5/2
Rest day from the gym, but I have a work outfit!  I wore my new H&M outfit and it was a hit.  But I wore my Michael Kors Fleur Tall boot with this outfit instead of pumps.  

Thursday 5/3
Well, I was going to go lift since I took the day off work for an eye exam appointment.  But the optometrist said it was time to dilate my eyes again, so I couldn't really see for a few hours afterwards and had to wear sunglasses inside!  

Friday 5/4
What I did:  Went to lift, workout B of stage 5.

As to/from, I wore my currant Define jacket to match my shoes!

Saturday 5/5
What I did:  Went to lift again!  More than half way through stage 5 now.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in little boy blue, with bright blue Flow Y bra under.  And white denim Dhanurasana crop, and matching blue Nike Frees!

By the way, the Nike Frees are cut so low that you have to wear extremely low socks with them.  I was wearing my older Lulu Ultimate Running socks before they made the no show version, and this is what it looks like... kinda nerdy!  But I didn't really care I guess.

I also wore my Principle Jacket as to/from.  It is now the perfect weather for this kind of half cut off jackets.

Sunday 5/6
What I did:  I went to do a circuit class intermixed with about 3-4 miles of running/sprinting and lots of weight stations.  It's crazy how much faster I can sprint now since doing my weight training which has lots of leg workouts, i.e. squads, lunges, step ups, etc.  It really makes a difference.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in flash, and black Ebb & Flow crop (that's why I wasn't wearing any underwear!), with NB shoes.

I actually wore my Principle jacket again today, bold blue goes so well with flash!  Love this jacket.

Ok, I debated whether to put up this picture or not, but I will be brave and do it.  I went to lay out by the pool for like an hour today and I wore my Victoria's Secret swim suit from a while ago.  Since Lulu swim wear is such a fail, you may want to check out VS.  I've had pretty good luck with their suits and they don't cost much.  All the ones from that post linked above has held up well and they are so cute too.  I might actually buy another set in a few weeks.  I am thinking hot pink!

Can you see my tan line on top of my knees?  I went to a baseball game a couple years ago and wore shorts that are slightly over the knee.  Ended up with a huge tan line that I am STILL trying to get rid of!  Ok now I really have to go study!  Wish me luck!


  1. Wondered whether to post?!? You always look hawt! I am jealous of your itty bitty waist! Good luck with studying.

  2. ^ Um, yes. I was going to say the same thing! If I had your amazing body I would walk around in a swim suit all day, you look fantastic :)

    BTW I ordered a pair of Ebb & Flow crops today (they're restocked on the website!) based on your recommendation!! So excited for them to get here! I was thinking of getting them in grey too.. Do you find they show sweat at all? that's the only thing holding me back, I run a lot and I'm worried I'll get visible crotch sweat haha. Worst!

    1. Oh yes, about the Ebb & Flows, the gray ones don't show sweat at all! I have worn them to hot yoga a few times and sweated like a sea monster and I had NO crotch or butt sweat at all! They are kind of like your skin in a sense, so sweat distributes evenly instead of pooling in certain areas. You should get black or indigo too!

  3. I agree about the VS bikinis. I really like what I have bought from them and they are well priced. You look great in that bikini! You have earned it! Vicki

  4.'re too beautiful, very sexy! I feel you've lost weight no?

    1. Thank you! I don't think I've lost weight lately... but I have stopped eating dairy so I'm losing some bloat! Diary is hard for me to digest.

    2. I think I'll also stop dairy! ;)

  5. Good for you girl -- you look great!! I alos love Victoria Secret bathing suits -- cheap well made and cup liners!! What was lulu thinking with no nip protection!!

    1. Lol... I know, Lulu's swim wear scared me so much that I didn't even want to try them on. VS's cup liners are great, not to mention they accentuate the chest for people like me who are not as well endowed. =)

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous. All your hard work definitely shows! Good luck on the upcoming test!

  7. I'd post bikni pictures all the time if i looked like you!! lol

    And defnitely DONT cut out working out--studies have shown over and over again that having a higher activity level improves brain function :)

    1. You are right! I feel lethargic and just like crap when I don't workout. So that is definitely NOT an option!

  8. Bikini looks great on you! Also, Im one of the rare few who wasn't a fan of currant but seeing how awesome that define looks on you , maybe I'll get a red piece the next time it's out again.

    1. Thanks! Currant is definitely a great color. I don't get why Lulu doesn't make true red tones more often.


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