Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yogasmoga Run Jump 'n Play Crop

I finally got my Yogasmoga Run Jump 'n Play Crop after waiting for 3 months!!  I ordered back in April when they were using Lululemon's sheer pants recall incident as a marketing opportunity and were offering $50 off their tights.  They retail for $88, so I only paid $38 for them.  But the 3 months wait is quite long.  I actually forgot that I bought them for the longest time lol.  I got the carbon 6 / india blue color combo, which is black bottom with medium dark blue waistband.  I guess because of the long wait, they actually sent a free t-shirt with it.  It's pretty soft, and is a cute fit.  I probably wouldn't wear it out, but I'd wear it around the house.  Here are the crops and the tee:

So the crops are actually pretty thick.  The material, called aurum, feels similar to Lululemon's luon.  It's made of supplex and lycra blend, which I believe is what luon is as well.  But aurum is definitely thicker than luon, and has more compression.  While I wouldn't call it "rough", it is not "soft" either.  They actually feel pretty good on, not scratchy or anything.  I really like the compression, because that's what I feel is lacking in my Lulu bottoms.  I got them in the same size as my normal Lulu size - 4.  But because of the compression, they feel a little tighter on.  Still true to size I would say.  What I really like about these crops is that they are high waisted, and fit exactly like my beloved Lululemon Wunder Grooves!  I know this sounds silly, but I love my wunder grooves so much that I'm afraid to wear them since I won't be able to replace them!  I should have bought multiple pairs when they were out!  Silly Lulu, can't believe they don't have those as a staple.

The Yogasmoga waistband is very wide.  More so than Lululemon wunder under waistband.  This is how high they sit on me - right below the belly button.

There is also a hidden pocket in the front waistband on the left side.  It's really big and goes deep.

This is what the inside of that pocket looks like, which is mesh lined.  I suppose this will keep you cooler, but if you are sweating a lot, whatever you put in your pocket will most likely get damp.  I never put anything in my pockets though, since I mostly workout indoors at the gym and just leave everything in a locker.  Sometimes I put my phone in my pocket as I'm walking around doing weights, but I hate it when it gets sweat on it, so I mostly only put my phone in my pocket if the pocket is on the outside.

This is the back of the crops, with the Yogasmoga logo which is a golden triangle.  I'm glad it's on the back of the waistband instead of the leg or something silly like that.  I did do a bend-over test, and they were fine!  Could not see my undies!  But I'll have to try them on again tomorrow in the day light to double check.

There is actually also a little pocket on the back right under the flap on the right side.  It's rather small.  Maybe good for a key or something like that.

And here is the back of the waist when it's laying flat.

The gusset is a nude color on the inside, and it is a mesh type of material.  They claim it is anti-bacterial.  It's a little odd that it's not the same color as the rest of the crops, but it's on the inside so no big deal:

And lastly, here is the tag, which states that they are designed in NYC and made in USA.

I'm going to wear these tomorrow and test them out.  So far from my try on, I'd say they are not bad at all, especially for $38.  But I can't say if they are worth the regular price of $88 until I've tried them out to see how well they hold up and breathe / wick sweat.  I guess you can say that I am cautiously optimistic at this point.

Oh yeah, here is the close up of the tee:

They also came with washing instructions, and this pin:

I thought the tee was a bit gimmicky, but the pin is just overkill.  I'm not an earth-loving "yogi", I just like nice workout clothes.  Why are all these workout brands trying to cult-ify me??  Hahaha!


  1. I have been really curious to see how you like the yogasmogas. I like mine but a few people have been complaining over on luluaddict's blog that they are tight or sheer. I am wondering if there was something wrong with the material or if people just bought wrong size.

    I got my split59 dusty capris and I love how the material feels. I did have some issues with sweat marks but it is 80% humidity here when I have been working out.

    1. Yeah maybe people are getting sizes too small? Not sure but I wore these today and checked multiple times in day light... Very opaque!

      I looooove the way Splits59 material feels. It's 90% supplex and 10% Lycra. I wonder what % yogasmoga's aurum is. Splits material is definitely not as thick, but softer and stretchier. They both have a slight sheen to them.

    2. Yes I agree. Very opaque and material is super awesome. They use a newer and more expensive technology using supple which is different than nylon that lulu uses ----- just in case you were wondering. yogasmoga is 86% supplex and 14% lycra - i think the extra lycra gives them a really nice compression.

    3. I think people just for the wrong size --- some people need a excuse to complain about anything. I have both the leggings and crops form yogasmoga and I love both of them!

  2. I love my new yogasmoga's crops. They are really thick and opaque. I got size 4 and it hugs me like second skin. Love them. Also their customer service is so much better than lulu. I also think this company is far more ethical that lulu who has been making sheer crap in china and selling it to us.

    I have a new favorite athletic co. I got the t-shirt too and I thought it was so awesome to send a free present --- who does that now a days?

  3. I think some people's butt is just not standard. Can't please everybody. ;)

    I have the yogasmoga tippy toe tights. They are ok for me. Opaque. A bit of a sheen. Prefer softer fabrics though. The rise is also too high for me.

    I'm still waiting for my splits 59 purchases to be forwarded to me in Asia from US. Can't wait. :)

    I got a pair of lorna jane crops. Also opaque, very sturdy. But the seams are kinda scratchy even though they are supposed to be flat. Hmmm....but I wasnt conscious after I started working out.

    Btw, just being random...but my lulu Track Time crop bonded seam had split near the crotch. I love it but don't wear it often. Very sad that it happened. I have contacted GEC and they are checking what they can do for me.



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