Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lululemon and H&M Shopping Trip Today

I went to visit the Lululemon store today and decided to yet again, exchange my flash tank from the Tame Me tank to the No Limit!  I do like the Tame Me tank, but I really wish it had a built in bra.  All my sports bras show on the back of that tank and I don't feel like buying a new bra to just fit one tank.  So I decided to spend like 10 bucks more for a No Limit that comes with a bra.  Pretty good deal lol.

I actually really love this flash No Limit tank.  I really like how the bra portion is the bright flash color and the body is more tuned down.  It looks almost like a pink.  I couldn't get the color right on the photo I took.  In person I think it looks more muted than my photo.  Here are the web shots but I think the color is brighter than these.  Something in between mine and the web photo lol.  But the contrast is really obvious like these photos though:

So I am pretty sure that I will be keeping this one.  It will be my one flash tank.  I don't feel that bad about having another No Limit tank, because I recently sold my coal/lavender one on ebay and it went for over $70!  I did not think it would go that high at all, but that covers the cost of this tank for sure.  I should just stop buying coal and black tanks (as main color) because I never end up wearing them enough.

I was going to go home after visiting Lulu, but then I decided to take a detour at H&M which I hadn't been to in a long time.  I actually ended up picking up a couple cute things!  I guess they did something with the show Design Star (which I don't watch), where I'm guessing the winners designs got picked up by H&M for mass sale.  I tried one on and it's actually really cute!  Also only $34 so I bought it.

This dress is super flattering and cute.  I love the color.  And I like how it fits loosely on top but tighter on the bottom.  I had to size up in this dress though, and it is a little tricky putting on, but I just love it.  The most interesting part about this dress is actually the back, which I couldn't really get a photo of it while wearing it.  So this will have to do:

So the back is a racer style, with a gold zipper that goes all the way up to the neck.  And you can adjust the bottom to stop at wherever you like, and then there is this little triangle area left that shows your skin.  Very interesting.  I love that I can totally wear this dress to work with a jacket over, and then go out to dinner or happy hour or whatever afterwards.

I found this dress from H&M's website with 3D rendering:

I actually bought a white blazer at H&M too, it goes over this dress well.

I can totally rock this outfit to work now that summer is coming.  I love white blazers and have been wanting to get one for a while that would work for both work environment and out.  This one fits the bill since it's cotton/linen blend material, which is a bit on the casual side.  I actually love wearing blazers out when I go out with friends since they totally dress up any outfit no matter you are wearing jeans or skirt/dress.  And this one was only $45.

Here's the super cute blazer photo from H&M:

Lastly I picked up this little beach cover-up dress thingy for only $12.

I am already shopping for my Turkey/Greece trip of course.  We are planning to do a 5 day cruise in Greece, and I will be spending a lot of time by the pool while we are cruising from island to island.  So I need bright and colorful cover ups like this one!

And this is the photo from H&M:

There were actually lots of cute things at H&M that I could have bought and brought on the trip with me, but I had to restrain myself.  I still have 2 more months to shop!  No need to break my wallet now.  Hehe.


  1. Love all the things you got from H&M!!! Wish we had one of those in the town I live in...

  2. Wow, way too cute. I need to buy everything you just bought!

    1. Haha you are funny. The 3 things together from H&M only cost me $100 after tax. Not bad!! That's like one piece from Lulu (sometimes half)!

  3. I have one of those beachy cover-up things from last year and it's held up pretty well in terms of wash and wear. I wear mine over a short skirt or shorter shorts in the summer (to balance out the bare legs).

    1. Oh good to know it holds up! I inspected it and it appears to be in pretty good shape despite the $12 price tag. Def worth it.


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