Saturday, June 8, 2013

Encore - G by Guess Calla Lily Linen Pants & Devin Cutout Tee!

I wrote about my G by Guess Calla Lily Linen Pants & Devin Cutout Tee a couple weeks ago.  I love them so much that I bought them both again in different colors!!  I'm telling you, these linen pants are perfection!  I've been wearing my white ones around a lot and still love them, so I had to get the electric rose ones.  The color is so beautiful!  I got them in size small as well, which is the same as the white ones and they fit exactly the same.

My side view photos are making me laugh, because butt is getting bigger from all the squats and lunges I'm doing lol.  I'll have to post a progress pic later, it's so funny, and I love it!

Anyway, these pants are so awesome I want to get a third pair!!!  They are just long enough that I can wear little wedge heels with them which is perfect.  But they are no longer on sale!  Dang... but $49 is still not a bad price for them at all.

I love the Devin Cutout Tee in black as well.  I actually got it in a size XS which is one down from the rouge pink one I bought last time, and I like the fit better.  Black is a color I will be able to wear a lot too, and the burnout material will show any color underneath so I'm super happy with it, for $9 especially!  I love the back.

Ok, now I am going to have to seriously decide if I want another pair of these pants in blue or yellow, or tan.  I love the wide leg fit and how comfortable they are.  They are still casual, but like one-step up from running around in my yoga pants lol.

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