Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Express Clearance

Express is having some pretty great deals right now, all the clearance items are 50% off on top of sale price!  I bought like 4 things online, and they were only a little over $50 total.  I actually bought 2 more items later on, but they are still being shipped as we speak.  Out of the 4 things I received today though, I am for sure keeping at least 2!  Definitely returning 1 to the store, and we'll see about the other one.  So here's what I got:

I got this Tweed Studio Stretch Corset Pencil Skirt for work.  It looks pretty short on the model, but it is right above the knees on me, which is a good length for work.  It's super comfortable, and fits perfectly in size 2 - I am always a size 2 in Express suit skirts.  I like the cute corset detail in the front of the skirt, but it is purely decorative.  The color of the skirt is great, I've been wanting to get a grayish colored skirt for a while but haven't seen one I liked in the right price range (hate spending a lot on work clothes) until now - this one was only $19!  Original price was $69.

So I'm keeping that skirt for sure.  And I'm also keeping this Diagonal Striped Knit Mini skirt - this was only $9, and it will be casual going out wear.  I also got it in a size 2, and it fits looser than the pencil skirts.  The material is also stretchy.  I think I could get away with a size 0 as well, but that could easily turn hooch.  So I'm happy with the size 2.  This is an easy skirt to pair with just about any top.  It's not too short, and I could wear heels or boots with it as well.  And come on... 9 bucks down from $49!!!

I really like the color of these Stella Coated Jean Jegging in Black Glitter.  But I got them in size 2, which is the same size as my other pair of Stella jeggings from Express that happen to fit perfectly, and these are too tight!  Ugh!!  So annoying.  They are like on the edge of being too tight around the waist and being able to pull them off.  I don't want muffin top, obviously, but they are so darn cute that I don't want to return them!  The glitter is very subtle on the jeans (which feel more like pant material than jeans to be honest), and just gives them a little bit extra than plain black.  Maybe I'll try to lose a few pounds lol.  But I've made the mistake of "buying clothes too small in the hope of fitting into them one day" in the past and that had never worked out for me.  These were originally selling for $118, and I got them for only $19... such a good deal!  Another reason I am hesitant to return them.  Sigh...

The last thing I got I will no doubt return it.  It is the Clip Dot 2-in-1 Dress in radiant rose.  

This dress is the same style as my Color Block 2-in-1 Dress from Express, which I have in a size S and it is a bit loose.  

So since the Clip Dot had only a size XS left when I bought it, I figured it would be ok.  But it is definitely too tight.  It was really hard to even put on - it's pullover style.  The top is not stretchy at all, so I had to wrestle with it to get it on.  After I put it on, it didn't look too small, but didn't look that great at all.  The top is loose fitting but I'd prefer it to be even looser for sure.  This one was also only $19, down from $79.  But I know for sure I will not wear this, so better save my $19. 


  1. I love that tweed pencil skirt - but when you wear a skirt like that to work, you wear tights, right? If so, is the skirt lined? Or if it isn't lined, how do you keep it from sticking to your tights? I've always been a pants girl and recently have been trying skirts, but they stick and ride up and feel all weird. I actually bought a slip which I hardly knew still existed, but the best fitting short one I could find is more fitted, and doesn't have a slit in it, so it would show under a skirt like Any tips?

    1. I usually wear tights with skirts to work during the winter and without it during the summer. All my pencil skirts are lined - this one has leopard print lining =). I used to wear pants a lot too, but now I love my skirts! And I've been so obsessed with getting different print tights, they are so fun! I don't ever wear or own slips... I've never had an issue with skirts sticking to my skin though. I did have a skirt a long time ago when I got my first job out of college (probably from Forever 21), that was cheap and unlined, and it kept riding up, bothering the hell out of me! But none of my Express skirts ride up. I think it really depends on the material of the skirt in question... the ones I have from Express are all studio stretch which is a heavier material that falls well and doesn't wrinkle much. Lining is usually polyester I believe. I've never had issues with this combo.

  2. Thanks! I agree, as soon as there is any type of lining its fine, I just have 2 cotton pencil skirts that work in the summer, but as soon as I put on tights they stick! So I think I just need to look for some new and better (lined) skirts, lol!


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