Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July... With Six Pairs of Shoes from Nordstrom!

I went a little crazy and bought 6 pairs of shoes from Nordstrom last week.  Hey, they were all on sale, and Nordstrom offers free shipping and return shipping!  It's hard to resist.  I'm definitely not keeping all of them either.  In fact, I am returning 4 pairs.

I got these Vince Camuto Jiris sandals in black, and I must say that I am in love with them!  They are the sandal version of my Dacoma pumps I got a little while back.  Both the pumps and sandals come in gray/yellow/blue and black/teal.  Since I got the pumps in gray, I got the sandals in black!  They are prettier on/in person than I thought!  They are only $46 now, down from the original $117.  They are made of black suede material, with teal colored heel and and a lighter teal color on the side of the platform.  Actually from the online photos, it looks like the platform side is white, but in person it's obviously not white.  I like it better!  So cute.  I got them in size 6, and like some reviews said, they run a little bit small.  I have somewhat narrow feet though, and they fit me just right.  If you have wider feet, it would probably be hard to squeeze into them.  Being suede though, they will probably stretch out some.  They are 4 3/4 inch heel, with 1 inch platform.  They are very comfortable, especially with the soft suede caging your feet in.

On me:  I could definitely have gone up to a size 6.5, but I think these will be fine especially when they do stretch a little.

The next pair that I am keeping is the Sam Edelman Mason sandals in ice white/ black leather.  I actually bought 2 pairs of these in both white and saddle/ gold leather.  The weird thing is, I got the saddle/ gold in size 6.5 and white / black in size 7.  But they both fit pretty much exactly the same!  I read the reviews which said these run really small, which is why I even bought the size 7s to begin with.  I usually wear size 6 or 6.5 in shoes, and size 7 is almost always too big for me.  But the 7s in the white pair feels maybe just a little wider in the toe area than the 6.5.  However, the lengths are exactly the same.

I love the textiled look of the platform.  Makes the shoe very unique looking.  I got both colors because I couldn't decide which color to get, and I was planning on keeping the pair that fits the best lol.  Well... since they fit exactly the same, I had to actually make a decision and I am keeping the white ones.  Simply because I don't have any white sandals but have multiple pairs in tan/nude type of color scheme already.  I do like the gold straps on the tan ones though, because they blend into the skin better.  But black and white together is always classic, so I think the decision has been made.  

These sandals are suuuuppeerrr comfy!!  They do have a very high platform - 1.5 inches.  The heel is 4 3/4 inch, which makes them comparable to 3 1/4 inch heel.  The leather around the toes is pretty soft and mold to the feet.  They are on sale now for $46 as well, down from $119.  So I felt like I had to keep one pair!

Here they are on me, one on each foot... hehe:

As you can see from these side views, they fit my feet exactly the same even though they are 2 different sizes:

Ok, next one which I thought had potential is the Boutique 9 Claudius pumps in silver glitter.  This color is sold out on Nordstrom's website now.  I don't know why they name it silver glitter, when there's quite a bit of red in it.

The heel is kind of cool because it is the same color as the shoe on the back, but chrome on the inside.  I like this pattern and I could use some red shoes like these.  But I got them in size 6 and they are still too big.  And they don't feel very comfortable - I felt like I was tipping over when I had them on.  It's weird, because they are supposed to be exactly the same as the Sam Edelman Mason sandals above, 4 3/4 inch heel and 1.5 inch platform.  But the Sam Edelman sandals are light years more comfortable than these.  Sam Edelman really knows how to make a comfy shoe lol.

Here they are on me, see how big they are.... They are on sale now for $59, but even if I could get them in a smaller size that fits better, I don't think I'd wear them much if they are going to hurt my feet.  So I'll save my money for something else.

Lastly, I got 2 pairs of the same shoes again - the Charles by Charles David Gazette sandal.  Got them in both black glitter and gold glitter.  Both in size 6.5 as well, which is too big I think.  They are only $44 now, and I would consider keeping the black pair, or maybe exchanging them for a size 6.  But something on the side of the shoe really really hurts!  I can't figure out what it is though, it's feels like some hard invisible needle digging into the side of my foot.  It's so painful that I can't even walk in them for 2 seconds.  Not exaggerating.  It could be a defect with the black pair, because I didn't notice the same thing with the gold pair.  But the gold pair is not especially comfortable feeling either.  And they look a little circus-y.

The black pair actually has a much more matte look than the gold pair.  These shoes had so much potential!

On me:

One complaint I read on pretty much all the reviews of these shoes is that the straps don't fit the ankles very well.  I actually like the way the straps fit, being a little loose kind of gives them the look of a bootie.  But the toe area is very loose as well on me.

Ok well I guess I wouldn't get much use out of these shoes anyways even if they were perfect.  The style is not very appropriate for work, and I also wouldn't wear them to go shopping on weekends.  So I'll be getting around $100 back for these 2 pairs, which I can put towards something else!


  1. I LOVE Nordstrom! They are always amazing! Can't wait for the Anniversary Pre sale to start Wednesday!

    1. Yeah, gotta love Nordstrom! I am seriously thinking about getting a Nordstrom credit card so I can shop the sale early too lol. I shop there enough that I should already have one anyways! But dang... I really don't want another card...

  2. Honestly i really like the gold/nude colorway on you! Better than the white/black


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