Friday, June 22, 2012

Magical Belt from Nordstrom! (And Some Dresses)

I found this magical belt from Nordstrom over the weekend - BP Woven Faux Leather Belt, in color "natural", for only $16!

I say it's "magical", because it goes and looks good with just about everything!  I am loving it so far with many dresses I have, and I haven't even tried all of them yet!  Here are some examples:

Remember this Walter Cameron dress?  

I love this dress actually, have been wearing it a lot.  But I think this belt enhances it.  It matches the color of the top portion exactly!

Here's a closer up:

How cool is that??

It also goes perfectly with my Calvin Klein Scoop Neck dress:

I tried it with a couple more dresses, all really not bad:

Here it is with my H&M Beach Coverup dress:

And I actually bought another dress from H&M over the weekend too - it is a t-shirt style dress with a little pocket on the left chest.  Super cute for only $12.

And the belt goes with it too:

You are probably very tired of seeing this belt by now.  But I just really love it!  It also comes in brown and this dark red color that are both nice.  Can't go wrong with this.

I actually bought another belt from Nordstrom - the Lulu Faux Leather Skinny Belt in "magenta" which is a hot pink.

It's very cute, but the only thing I will say is that even in the smallest size, this belt is too big!  I needed to add at least 2 other holes.  But it's only $10 and most shoe places will probably punch holes for you for free.  So it just needs a little bit of extra work.  I love it with black.  I bought a $14 shirt dress from Forever21 as well, which actually comes with its own brown belt.  But I like it better with this pink one!  And it also goes with my new Nine West Mojave Pleated Clutch!

I feel like I'm too old to shop at Forever21, but hey, I kind of got sucked in when I was there looking for a cheap t-shirt for my trip.  I actually ended up buying this blue and yellow stripe belted dress that is super cute from there too, for only $12!

I seriously love bright color combos out this season in every store.  They make me so happy!  This dress also has 2 large pockets on the sides.  It's a great casual dress that I can definitely use on my trip.  Very exciting stuff.

Now I think I am all set for vacation!  My flight to Istanbul leaves tonight, wish me luck!!


  1. I hope that if I go buy a belt it will make waist look as tiny as yours, lol!

    Those shoes also go with everything! I feel fashion-spired! Is that a word? It is now.

    1. Haha you are funny! And I think it is a word. :) Natural colored shoes do go with everything... And I think they are supposed to elongate your legs?! These ones are wedges and they probably add 5 inches on me!

  2. I love the f21 dresses! What size are you wearing in them?

  3. Have a great time in Istanbul! Love your belts and all your cute outfits :)

  4. They all look awesome on you -- Have a great trip!!!

  5. what size did you get in the belt? I am guessing a small, but was the m/l a lot bigger. I think I just a tad bigger than you and am wondering if i should go for the m/l?

    1. I got a small. I think if you are about the same size as me then small should work. It's pretty stretchy. The pink one I got s/m and it's still 2 inches too long!


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