Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Another super busy week at work!  I think my new job (well, newish - been almost 6 months now!) has many more interesting aspects to it than my old one.  I actually work hard all day and don't even mind staying later, whereas I was so bored at my old job that I was counting down the clock and shopping online all day long.  This explains why I've been shopping less since I started my new job lol.  Maybe a change of environment also provides more motivation.  But things are definitely going quite well at my new job, and I even got a raise already this week!  Hahaha.  I'm quite happy with the new setup and everyone I work with.  It's just such a stark contrast to where I was before.  I think I didn't even realize how bad it was until I left.  Funny, I run into other ex-colleagues from my old company sometimes, and a common theme is that everybody is super happy for each other and congratulates each other for getting out of there... lol!  Sad, but true.  Some work places are just dysfunctional!

One thing about my old job though, was that I never cared to work overtime or anything, so I always had a pretty regular schedule which was really good for fitting in the gym.  Nowadays I'm finding it a bit harder to make it.  This week, I made it 3 times, which would have been very unusual in the old days.  But lately, that's become more and more the norm.  I've really got to figure something out because I think I need to go at least 4 times a week.  Though I've also mentioned in the last couple weeks, I'm realizing that getting enough sleep may be just as important as getting in a workout, if not more.  So I need to work out the right balance.  

Recently, I was tested again for a regular blood panel for the second time in about a year.  And for the second time in a row, my cholesterol level is higher than it should be.  This was kind of alarming because I've always had very healthy cholesterol level.  In fact, I used to not even fast before getting my blood drawn, and I'd still test normal.  A year ago or so, when I first tested higher, I thought maybe it was a fluke.  But this time it was the case again so I have to face this problem now.  I eat healthy for the most part, and I have been working out regularly (definitely more than their recommended 30 minutes).  So I think lack of sleep (and getting older??) is a factor in making my cholesterol higher!  It's the only thing that has changed in the last couple years for me (other than getting older lol).  So, that is why I've been really focusing on getting more sleep rather than getting in all the prescribed workouts.  Sigh.  The struggle is real!

Anyway, I digress.  So here comes the fun part... outfits!  Haha.

Monday 3/14 - Rest

Tuesday 3/15
What I did:  Strength #1, followed by 20 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Had a little fun on this day!
Top:  Splits59 Tank
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be in spry blue

To and From:  Splits59 Olivia Matrix Run Tee - Haha!  A bit much, but I thought it was kind of funny.  Plus, I go to the gym at 5 am so not that many people see what I wear when I walk in and I can be goofy sometimes lol.

And here is my work outfit on the same day:
Shoes:  Brian Atwood (I don't know why I never wear these!)

Wednesday 3/16
What I did:  Strength #2, followed by treadmill class that kicked my ass!

What I wore:  
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be Wild in star crushed silver fox deep navy
Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0

To and From:  Lululemon Just Breathe LS in Heathered Parfait Pink

Thursday 3/17 - Rest day, but here's my work outfit:
Shoes:  Vince Camuto Dacoma Pump in hurricane gray

Friday 3/18
What I did:  Strength #3, followed by 20 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be Wild in butterfly texture/flash light
Bottom:  Lululemon Empower Crop in coal/passion
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in fusion pink/atomic mango

Saturday 3/19 - Rest, but here's a casual outfit I wore that is not a look I usually rock - matching denim look!  Lol.
Jacket:  Random denim jacket

Sunday 3/20 - Rest day again.  I was actually planning on going to the gym, but ended up hanging out all day with a friend who came to visit.  We had yummy brunch and dinner though!  Here's what I wore:
Top:  DvF Jeanne 2 Wrap Dress in chain link print
Purse:  Chanel Medallion Tote (I've decided I should sell this - anybody interested?  It's in great condition because I never really used it much)

Ok, that's it for the week!  I just realized tonight that this coming week will be only a 4 day work week because Friday is Good Friday!  Woohoo!  I'm looking forward to a little longer of a break to do what I do best, which is chillax lol.  Have a great week everyone!

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