Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DVF New Jeanne Two Dress in Blue Arrow Tooth!

Ok, this one is really my last DVF dress in a while!  I've been buying so many of them!  I really love this one though.   It is the New Jeanne Two dress in blue arrow tooth (on sale at Saks Off 5th!).  The New Jeanne Two style is such a classic style that I really don't mind having in multiple colors/prints.  I feel like every time I wear it, I get tons of compliments!  One of my recently acquired DVF dresses - the Newsy Dress - is also in arrow tooth print, but in the green version.  I really like this print.  It's not exactly subtle, but the print somehow just works for like every occasion.  I am stoked to have the blue version now too.

As usual, I got size 4 and it is true to size.  One thing that surprised me is that this dress is a cotton/silk blend.  It's actually mostly cotton (80%).  Aside from the solid black version of this dress, which is viscose, all the other prints I have are 100% silk.  I can definitely feel the difference between the material in the solid black versus the other silk ones.  However, this blue tooth arrow print in cotton/silk blend feels very similar to the 100% silk material.  Keep in mind that DVF uses this silk jersey material, which is thick and drapes very well.  It's quite the opposite of the lightweight silk that you normally find in blouses and scarves, etc.  So anyway, I like the material a lot and I'm glad this one doesn't feel any different.

Isn't the color pretty?  The blue is a cobalt blue.  I think this print/color is actually going to be easier to wear than my other Jeanne Two dresses, especially if I want to wear it to work.  Some days I feel like wearing something bright to work, and some days I feel like wearing all black or dark colors.  I think this one may actually suit my mood on most days.  =)

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