Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lululemon Reflective Inspire Crops!

I went to Lululemon on the weekend to return this neck warmer I bought.  I don't know why I bought a neck warmer, but it was during that week a while ago when it was super cold here lol.  Of course after it arrived, the temp had gotten back up so I came to my senses.  When I went to return it, I browsed the store for new items and I finally tried on the reflective Inspire crops.  I actually really liked them when I first saw them online a couple weeks ago.  But since I don't workout outside, I thought it was a waste of money to get reflective stuff.  Well, after I tried them on I knew I had to get them!  They were the only ones left in the store too, so it was meant to be!

I really love the black and white colorblocking, as well as the big mesh side pockets on these!  The material feels really nice too.  They feel like a thicker version of regular luxtreme material, with more compression.  I got them in my regular size 4.

I also really dig the fact that these look so much edgier than what Lululemon usually makes.  My bf couldn't believe that they were Lulu when I showed them to him!

I guess the only slight disappointment I have is that I thought the entire white colorblocking on the sides of the legs were reflective material.  But in fact the only reflective material on these pants are on the bottom of the legs, plus some stitchings made with reflective thread (like on the side pockets).  Boo!  I know I said I don't really need this feature at all, but now that I paid for it, I want it dammit!  

I took these photos in complete dark, with flash, so you can see which actually reflects and what doesn't:

Sooo I think if I was in complete dark outside with no camera flash, and a car drove by, they would only see those tiny stripes of reflectivity.  Oh well.  I still love how these look.

Here they are in the light!

The pockets are really nice and big!

Close up of the reflective stripe on the leg - there's mesh with dot design over them:

I actually already wore these to the gym yesterday!  I think they look so cool.  Gotta be careful with the white part though - I managed to get it dirty within like the first minute of being at the gym.  Not even sure how that's possible but it happened!  =P

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  1. They look really great on you! I agree that this might be one of the edgier pieces that LLM design. The usual designs are a tad more "pretty". :D

  2. Love your blog! Also love these crops but all of the reviews online say they slip down. Have you had problems with yours sliding down during workouts? I know you'll say it like it is! :-)) Thanks!

    1. I think most of the reviews are not for these particular crops. Even though they are all "full on luxtreme", the camo ones are much more slick feeling than these. Although I don't understand how any crops can slide down when there are drawstrings in the waistband. I also sweat a lot when I workout so I don't have this problem lol.

  3. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.


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