Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vince Leather Scuba Jacket in Grenadine! And Another DVF Valencia Dress!

Omg, such a good mail day today!  I have been in love with the Vince Leather Scuba Jacket in grenadine ever since it first came out!  It's such a beautiful shade of red, and I've always wanted a nice red jacket.  But I was waiting for it to go on sale.  Then it disappeared for a while!  So I thought it was sold out and I missed out.  Then I saw it on Nordstrom Rack's site on Sunday, on sale for $409, and I swear my fingers never clicked fast enough to buy something lol.  My order shipped from So Cal so I got it today.  I already have like 5 Vince Leather Scuba jackets, but I seriously wear each one all the time, so I don't feel like I'm wasting money getting another one.  Plus, the red color is SO different from the rest!  I'm just super in love with it.  

I got it in the exact same size as the others, which is XS:

This color is seriously the perfect shade of red!

I almost always wear these jackets unzipped, but here's how it looks zipped up half way:

Side ribbed panels:

So the difference between this version of the Scuba jacket vs my other ones is that this one is 2 pieces stitched together, so you can see a horizontal line across the lower half of the jacket.  I'm not sure why Vince started doing this on the newer Scuba jackets.  I prefer one piece of leather, which is probably more expensive to make.  But at least it's not very obvious that it's 2 pieces and I love the color so much that I'm not going to complain too much lol.

Anyway, the dress I am wearing with in the above pictures was also delivered today.  It's another DVF Valencia Dress and I got it brand new with tag on ebay for only $100 bucks.  I really love the fit of the Valencia dress.  It provides better coverage in the chest, and there's slight ruching in the waist area which gives a slimming look.  I love this "Flames" pattern.  I can definitely wear this dress to work or on a night out.

As usual, this is size 4:

So, speaking of dresses and cleavage, I've mentioned before that as much as I love DVF wrap dresses, they usually are cut too low for me to feel comfortable wearing to work without anything under.  I also don't like wearing a tank under because sometimes you can see the outline of the tank, especially if the tank rolls a little at the bottom.  So the only option is to wear a full slip under the dress and that's annoying too lol.  But when I was browsing the Nordstrom Rack site, I saw these Lace Bandeau tops by Joe's Jeans and thought that's the solution!

They come in sets of 2, and I got 2 sets to have all the different colors covered.  I can't believe they retailed for $80 per set.  Glad Nordstrom Rack's price is only $19 because no way would I have paid $80.  So the 2 sets I got are:  Black/Orchid, and Red/Pale Gray.

I was debating whether to get size XS/S or S/M.  I ended up getting XS/S because I was afraid a bigger size would slide down.  The XS/S seems to fit well even over a pushup bra, so I'm pretty stoked about it.  The only thing is that it is pull on style, so you do have to struggle a little bit to get it on/off.  But I think these are such a pretty and easy way to solve all my dress cleavage problems and all of a sudden I have way more dresses that can be worn to work lol!

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