Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ok - Last Couple DVF Dresses For A While!

Hehe, I got more DVF dresses.  I tend to get obsessed with the same brand/style for a while, and then I will move onto something else.  I actually have noticed this with food too.  I'd literally eat the same food all the time for like 3 months, and then completely stop cold turkey.  Lol.  It's a weird thing, but I learn to deal with it.  I'm pretty sure my gym clothes obsession lasted the longest by far!  It was like 7 years or something.  But I'm finally over it (well, kind of) and enjoying having more money in my pocket to spend on other things... like DVF dresses!

So first, I couldn't help but to get the New Jeanne Two wrap dress in black.  This same dress in deep navy is on sale at Nordstrom right now.  I just wanted black, even though black is not a "DVF thing", because it's just so damn versatile.  Sometimes you really just need a nice fitting black dress.  The thing with the black though is that it is not made of silk like my other wrap dresses from DVF.  It is made of jersey, which is 100% viscose.  It doesn't feel quite as nice.  But the fit is the same otherwise.  I got it in size 4, as usual.

I'm actually wearing a slip under this dress, which is where you see the lace peeking out.  I think it's kinda cute like this!  I'm wearing a slip because 1. It shows less cleavage, and 2. This dress in this fabric is not as heavy as the silk version.  So you can actually see bra and underwear lines a little.  A slip underneath helps hide any of that.

I wish they made the full black version in silk jersey!  But oh well.

The second dress I got is 100% silk.  It is the Valencia wrap dress in "rockscape".  I think it's such a different pattern, and super cool!  I'd never have imagined that the different colors and patterns in this print could work well together, but it somehow does.

So the main differences between this wrap dress style and the Jeanne Two are 1. This one does not have a collar, 2. It is about an inch or so shorter, 3. It is not as low cut in the chest, and 4. It has ruching in the chest area on the side of the wrap that goes on top.  I actually really like this last feature.  The ruching is very flattering, it helps hide flaws.

From the side, it looks like 2 completely different dresses!

The Valencia is a great style!  Too bad it seems to be sold out everywhere online.  I wonder if DVF will make this style again.  I'll definitely keep an eye out for it!

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  1. Wow. I really like the patterned one. Looks great on you!


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