Thursday, February 11, 2016

DVF Jeanne 2 Wrap Dress in Classic Chain Link

To prepare for my trip to the UAE, I had been buying quite a few DVF dresses from eBay and Tradesy where you can generally get brand new dresses for under $150.  Some are older season and some are current.  I don't really care about that to be honest.  As long as it looks cute to me, it works for me haha.  But I've been able to get some suuuuper great stuff!  I've brought them all on the trip with me, since they are so easy to pack (they don't wrinkle at all) and even easier to wear.  I can literally pack one pair of nude heels and a million wrap dresses and be good to go for any occasion.

The two dresses that I had been so happy to get are actually exactly the same but in different colors lol.  They are the classic chain link print that DVF has re-released.  You can get the black Jeanne Two Wrap Dress online still in all sizes.  It's the same exact dress that DVF herself wore when she first started her campaign for these wrap dresses like 40 years ago - how cool!  It truly is a classic print that you can wear anywhere.

Michelle Obama has one of these too, but in the bigger version of the print (love that she wore red shoes with it!).

So here is this dress on me - it is my regular DVF size 4.  I love it.  But I think I may try size 6 in my next wrap dress as the size 4 is rather low cut in the chest.  Sometimes I have to adjust it to make sure nothing is popping out.  

So I got the same dress in this cobalt blue color.  It's very pretty and classic as well.  Same size and fit.

If these dresses weren't so low cut on me, I'd even wear them to work.  I think can just wear a cami underneath though, and still wear it to work.  I just haven't done that.  I think they are definitely worth the money!  So happy I finally got my hands on 2!  =)


  1. You can probably get a small snap stitched on to keep the neckline together. The dress fits perfectly otherwise, and a larger size might be too baggy at the shoulder/armpit for you.

    1. I actually did try to sew a snap button at the chest where the wrap intersects. But I probably did a bad job because the button ends up showing when I'm wearing it. lol. I'll probably give it a shot again later, or just bring it to a tailor to do.


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