Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweater Pencil Skirt?! And a Rachel Roy Top =)

I went to Nordstrom on Saturday to return the Eliza J dress, and of course I couldn't leave without picking up something else!  This Halogen Windowpane Check Knit pencil skirt in burgandy/ivory pattern really caught my eye.  And when I tried it on, it was so comfortable and fit like a dream!  I have no idea why the idea of a sweater skirt never occurred to me before.  I love sweater dresses, and own many.  But sweater skirt is pretty awesome too!

Even though it's still super hot here, I realize that fall fashion is starting to hit stores.  Fall is probably my favorite season.  I've always said I should live in a colder climate since I love all the knits and boots, scarves, jackets, etc.  I think this skirt will be perfect for work once the weather cools down a little.  It's just so comfortable!  I got it in size XS.

So I think the length of the skirt is perfect since it hits right below the knee.  It feels like a thicker, more substantial material.  So it's definitely not see-through.  The heavier material also can hide some lumps and bumps.  Because of that, I think the $78 price tag is actually not bad.

The waist is a wide elastic band in black:

There is also a thin black hem at the bottom:

I'm not sure why the gray colored lines make a long, kind of tear-shaped pattern, but I guess it's the way the material is cut.  I think it looks a little distracting, but at least it's the same on both sides.

Here's the pattern super close:

 The reverse side of the skirt is actually quite cute too:

It gave me an idea... can't I wear it inside out and get a completely different look for the price of one skirt??  LOL!

Well... the side seam is kind of problematic.  It's obviously not meant to be worn inside out:

But since it's a knit material, it actually doesn't look that bad if you are not looking super up close at it.  In fact, if you are a little bit of a distance away, you can't really see the seam at all:

Here's the front:

And back... obviously the tags would need to be cut off if it were to be worn this way:

I'm not sure if I'd actually wear it this way, but it's something to consider!  I wish they really had made this reversible though!

The second item I'm going to share today is this Rachel Roy Scarf Blouse in bright blue that I got from Macy's a couple weeks ago.  I really like it!

I wore it for the first time on Saturday, while buying the above skirt from Nordstrom!  Haha.  This is the exact outfit I wore, complete with my Joe's Niyah skinny jeans and Mansur Gavriel bucket bag:

This top looks light and flowy, but it's actually a heavier material that is somewhat stiff.  I like it though.  It drapes very well.  I also really like the color combo:

It's also lined with this turquoise color underneath:

I actually bought this top right off of the mannequin lol.  They only had size L left at the store, and the mannequin was wearing a size M.  I normally wear size S but I held up the top and thought M would be fine so I bought it without trying.  I think it did turn out pretty well!  I probably would not have liked a size smaller.  I love the looseness and the length is perfect.  The full price of $79 seemed a bit high to me though.  Luckily the store was offering 25% off or something, so I got it for around $50.

While browsing the Macy's website, I noticed they have the same top in different colors, and some of them are on sale!  This fuchsia ocean combo is only $39:

The "multi combo" is $54:

Those 2 prints are not bad at all!  There are also a bunch of different solid colors for $69, not on sale.  

I can wear this top on its own, or under a jacket or cardigan for work.  I like the versatility!

I am also now anxiously awaiting the weather to cool down, so I can wear my sweater skirt!

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