Saturday, March 26, 2016

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep in Mandarin Red Python Fairy Tale

So I got another pair of Louboutin shoes!  These are so gorgeous I just couldn't pass them up.  They are from the "python fairy tale" collection which came out some time in 2012, in mandarin red, and Lady Peep 150mm style.  I love the scale-y look!  They really do look fairy tale-ish.  Like a mermaid kind of color!

There's actually a lot of depth to the color.  It goes from orange to grayish.  Even though the color is mostly orange, I actually think they will go with a lot of my outfits!  

These are actually in size 36.5 rather than my usual size 36.  But hey, nothing a little heel pad can't fix.  They are probably the most comfortable of all my Lady Peep styles so far.  I think Lady Peep is such a sexy style!  They are super high at 150mm, but they are really doable due to the platform.

So I've been having fun experimenting these with different dresses.  They are so fun!  They kind of work as an alternative to nude.  So you can pretty much wear these with most outfits that you can wear nude shoe with... which is pretty much everything lol.


  1. pretty! I so regret selling my pair of carnival Python lady peeps, but I had only worn them once. I'm sure you will pair them beautifully with many things in your wardrobe!

    1. I just googled that... it does look very cool! I can see why it's hard to wear though. I bet it looked awesome with a LBD!


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