Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cute Pumps! Diesel & Vince Camuto

I have 4 pairs of new pumps!  Well, I'm going to return one pair.  But I'm super excited about the ones I'm keeping!  A good pump really makes any outfit.  I'm looking forward to pairing them in different ways with different pieces in my closet!

First, I got the Diesel Fame Strap Kristaly in indigo/blue from ideeli.  They also come in red and a black printed one.  I liked the color fading on the one I got.  It totally has the denim feel, which is pretty cool.  I used to buy a lot of things from Diesel years ago, but I have barely bought any Diesel items in quite a while.

These pumps are made of canvas.  They are 4.5 inches high but have a 1 inch platform.  The heel is on the chunkier side.  So they are very sturdy and comfortable.  I think the color is actually quite versatile, so I can wear them with many different clothing items!  Plus, I've always liked the kind of worn/distressed look.

I got these in my usual size 6.  I would say they actually run pretty large, so I could probably size down at least half a size.  But size 6 is the smallest ideeli sells, so I just put some Dr. Scholls padding inserts inside and it solves the problem.  One of my pet peeves is seeing that heel gap between the back of the shoe and the person's heel.  I hate the look and I don't see how your heels don't fall out of the shoes as you walk.  I'm glad that I don't have that with these shoes once the inserts are in.

I bought 3 pairs of Vince Camuto Norita pumps (yes, more Vince Camuto!  Lol) when they had their friends & family sale last week.  So I got 25% off.  I love my existing 3 pairs of Vince Camuto heels (here, here and here, if you are interested).  They are very cute and comfortable despite the high heels, and I get the most compliments on them than any other shoe I own!  I wear them all the time, so I could justify getting 3 more pairs lol.  Although I thought I'd probably end up returning at least one pair, and that is what I'm going to do for reason mentioned below.  But I really like these shoes a lot!  I wish I could keep all 3!

First pair I got is in this super fun color called Bittersweet GR (not sure what this is short for... maybe grapefruit?  lol) patent leather.  They are a very bright coral/melon type of color.  SO cute!  I can't wait to wear them with like... everything!  Perfect color for spring/summer which is kind of all the time in LA anyway.  

I love the slingback style of these shoes!  The heel height is perfect too.  The description states that they are 5 inches high with 1 inch platform.  But they feel way more comfortable than a normal 4 inch heel.  I can seriously walk for days in these.  

I got my usual size 6.  It's a perfect fit.  The back strap is also adjustable which is very nice.

I got them in black patent as well.  Because who doesn't need more black pumps?

Also got size 6:

Lastly, I got the "petal" patent leather.  They are basically a nude heel.  For some reason I thought "petal" meant they would be on the pink side.  But they are actually just a beige color.  On their own, they look pretty good:


But this color just doesn't look good with my skin tone.  I think a little pink undertone would look better, or a couple shades darker.  This color would probably work very well for someone else though.  But for this reason alone, I'm going to return these.

I put them on side by side with my Sam Edelman Mallory pumps in "blush" which I love.  As you can see on the right, they are quite a bit darker.  I much prefer that shade on me.

So these Norita pumps also come in one other color which is another nude - the "powder blush napa".  I actually debated which nude to get.  It is actually quite tough to buy nude shoes without trying them on!  I decided on the patent ones since I wanted them to be shiny.  But comparing the photos of the 2 colors online, I now think the powder blush napa would look better on me.  Here are the 2 side by side, with the one I got on the left and the powder blush napa on the right:

Anyway, I'm actually considering exchanging instead of returning, since I really love this shoe.  But I'm kind of feeling too lazy to deal with having to possibly return again if they don't work out for me.  Plus, I do have the Sam Edelman Mallory shoes shown above as well as the newest Sam Edelman Ella pump which are peep-toe nude heels lol.  So basically I'm not missing any nude shoes in my life.  These Norita pumps are selling for $119, but I paid $89 per pair since I got 25% off.  But that's still almost $100 bucks after tax, so I could just save my pennies for something else.  That's almost the price of one pair of workout tights!  =P

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