Thursday, November 12, 2015

From Vancouver: Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight & Free To Be Wild Bra

When I was in Vancouver last weekend, I stayed right next to the Robson Street Lululemon Store.  I didn't even know that when I booked the hotel.  But it was a nice surprise since I had a few items in mind that I was hoping to get using the Canadian dollar lol.  (By the way, how random is it that the only person that talked to me in that store was from Santa Monica and worked in the Brentwood store that is within walking distance to where I live!)  The USD/CAD exchange rate when I was there was about 75 cents USD to 1 CAD.  So everything was 25% off as far as I was concerned!  Hahaha.  I knew Lululemon marks all the pricing the same whether it is in USD or CAD, unlike the new Vancouver Nordstrom which had prices equivalent to how much the items would cost in the States (but I do admit it is a very nice Nordstrom which even has its own Louboutin store inside!!).  So naturally it was a better deal to shop at Lulu!  

I had been considering getting the Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight for a while, and loved them when I tried them on in the store here in LA.  But just couldn't swallow the $148 price tag.  So that was the item on top of my list!  I actually just wanted all black with reflective stuff on the bottom.  But they didn't have that in my size.  So I ended up getting the naval blue/ultra violet pair.  Naval blue is a very very dark blue.  It could almost pass for black.  But I actually like the color of the reflective better because it is light blue instead of just plain silver on the black pair.

Despite the shocking price tag of these tights, I actually have seen them on people quite a few times around LA.  They always look so cute on everyone!  When I tried them on the first time in black, I was surprised how hard it was to get them on in my regular size 4.  It is the same way in these naval ones.  It's truly a struggle to get them over your legs and bum.  But once you get them on, they don't feel too tight or stretch too thin.  They just have a nice compression.  So I'd say they are true to size still.

I really love the fact that the light blue reflective matches my new blue metallic Nike shoes!

The rise is pretty high in these tights:

So after the exchange rate differential, I saved about $30 on these, which is STILL high!  But definitely closer to reality than retail.  I love these though!  I already tore off the tag and worked out in them, and they were great.

I also picked up the Free To Be Wild bra in butterfly texture black white/flash light.  I've never really paid attention to this color combo in this bra, until I saw a girl in my yoga class wearing it and it's so cute!  I've been getting enabled by random strangers a lot lately, haha.  I don't really need another bra but for about $35 USD, it is worth it.

Unfortunately these 2 were the only items I wanted in the whole store!  The other stuff I would have liked (such as the Stress Less Hoodie) were all sold out.  I guess Lululemon still sells out a lot faster in Canada (or just the Robson location) than in the LA area.  Oh well.  I don't really *need* any of it, so best to save some money, and more importantly - closet space!  =P

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