Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ramy Brook Tops & Lululemon If You're Lucky LS

I ordered a couple Ramy Brook tops on Gilt before I went on vacation and they finally arrived - so slow!  I had not heard of this brand before, but they looked like nice casual tops that I could use.  Despite one of the items being a different color from what the online photo shows, I actually really like them!

The Spencer Mesh Back top is the one I am referring to:

Looks like a nice grey top with orange mesh designs based on those photos.  But turns out, it's actually a bright pink in person lol.  I guess the color description does say "heather grey/fluorescent pink".  But I didn't really pay attention to that when I ordered.  Oh well, I think I would prefer the orange but I don't mind the pink.  

The material is very thin, made of 100% modal.  I got size S and I think it's true to size.  But I do wish it was a tiny bit longer.  $65 is the Gilt price, down from $135. 

From the front, you can kind of see the flap in the back:

It's a cute design, and I think it will be a great "to and from"!

The second Ramy Brook top I got is the Emilie Sleeveless Top.  This one is a simple black tank that can be worn anywhere.  Gilt price is $55, down from $98.

It is also thin and made of 100% modal.  I got it in size S as well.  I like the length in this top.  It's very comfortable and I will definitely get a lot of use out of it.

These modal tops do wrinkle a bit though:

I like the simple keyhole back:

The side panels are black mesh over a layer of white fabric:

Lastly, I finally got a Lululemon If You're Lucky LS in black.  When this top first came out, I bought it in white online and hated it lol.  But I saw a new with tag black one on ebay for a good price ($60 I think I paid) so I decided to get it.  I always regretted getting it in white instead of black when it first came out, because I think I would have liked black better (it was sold out by the time I realized this).   And I'm happy to say that I do like the black one MUCH much better!  I actually went back to my post and looked at those pictures of the white one that looked so yucky.  You don't see any of that in the black one and I actually really like it:

Close up of the mesh:

I guess the difference between the black and white one is really big!  Now I'm pretty happy that I have this top.  =)  

It's a good day for mesh back tops!  

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