Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lululemon Play The Field Cap & Just Breathe LS

I ordered the Lululemon Play The Field Cap in black/camp black check ghost last week when it went on sale for $29.  Just got it today, because it was coming from Ohio.  Omg, I love it!

Apparently the rim is completely reflective!  I haven't tested it out yet.  But how cool!

I was unsure about this cap when I ordered it, because I have a big head and lots of hair lol.  I've tried on other Lululemon caps in the past and felt that they were too small for my head.  But this one looked promising since it's a trucker style cap.  I figured that if it didn't work for me, I could just give it to a friend or something.  But I got it today and I'm in love with it!  It fits perfectly!

Though it looks quite different from the online photo.  I think it's the way the fabric is cut, I got a white front vs. the gray one on the model.  I like mine though!  No complaints at all.

One of my favorite things about Lululemon is their attention to detail on many design features.  For instance, this hat has an adjustable back which in itself is not unusual at all:

But I haven't seen any other brand make a cap that lets you hide the excess material of the adjustable strap (though admitted I am not an expert when it comes to baseball caps at all)... it just looks a lot cleaner when you can tuck in the leftover strap into the side opening!  It's very simple, but makes a difference I think.

Along with the cap, I also ordered the Just Breathe LS in heathered parfait pink.  I'm not usually big on the super feminine details (very happy that Lulu has been moving away from it lately), but I like the mesh design of this top.  I figured I could use another rulu top.  The color is a very light pink, which is a color I am missing in my wardrobe.  

I got it in my usual size 4.  It fits true to size, and the fabric feels great!  I love it, and the $49 sale price is pretty decent.

As you can see, the mesh is pretty see through:

I like that the Lulu logo is the same color as the top.  Makes it easier to wear as casual wear.

I also walked over to the store near me today to browse.  They had nothing interesting.  But I ended up picking up another Mudra scarf!  I am crazy, it was 90 degrees out today.  But I got the inkwell/early blue one since it's on sale and they only had 2 left.  It's actually a unisex print.  If you didn't know it was Lulu, a guy could definitely wear it.  My bf hates Lululemon, but I told him he could borrow this scarf and he's surprisingly ok with it lol.  But now that I think about it, he probably wasn't even listening since I was talking about Lulu.

This scarf is sold out online, but the picture of this color made me really want it.  Power of good photos!! 

I think it's pretty cool that Lululemon made half of this scarf plaid and the other half stripes.

This is definitely a nice color to have.  I realized that all my scarves are in light colors so it is good to have some diversity.  Ok, now I have like 10 scarves and there are really only 10 cold days a year in LA where scarves are needed.  That means I have one for every cold day of the year!  Lol!  I love it.


  1. You look awesome!! Wish I ordered that hat ;)

  2. Did you return the scarf with the hole in it? Did this one not have a hole from the tag?

    1. No I didn't return the silver spoon one... I was able to pull the thread on the back and kind of mess with it to make it look acceptable. The tag on the navy one was actually pinned into the side seam, where the material is thicker and not as fragile. =)


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