Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lululemon Sale Items & Another Free To Be Wild Bra!

I went to Lululemon last night to check out what's in store (nothing exciting) and got this cute Mudra scarf on sale.  It actually went on sale online too but sold out already.  I wanted the atomic red/plum peach color, but the store only had silver spoon and whatever the navy plaid one is called.  There's probably only like 2 days a year that I might need a scarf, living in LA.  And I have like 10 scarves for those 2 days lol.  That doesn't stop me from buying more!  I love scarves.  I really just love cold weather wear and need to move to somewhere cold(er).  The Mudra scarf is actually not a super thick scarf though.  It's bamboo rayon fabric, so it's quite delicate (in fact, you will see how delicate it is in just a bit).  It's suuuuper big, and the sale price of $29 is quite good for it I think.  In fact, even the $58 full price doesn't seem that bad at all.  But then again I'm not an expert at pricing for scarves.

I debated a little between the silver spoon and navy, but went with the lighter silver spoon because I thought it would be more versatile and more appropriate for the warm "winters" here.  Also the plaid is not too obvious in this color since I feel like I may not always want to sport plaid.  I also really dig the simple black contrast design on one end.  Although I like the navy and might consider buying it too lol!

Anyway, this is how substantial it is!  I'm 5'5, for the record:

It's still pretty long even after wrapping it around my neck once:

The possibilities of how to wear this scarf is probably endless.  But just for kicks, this is how big it is... it fully drapes over me!  I could use it as a blanket too... hahaha!

Here's the close up of the print:

Little fringe at the end:

Of course I understand that materials like this would snag easily.  But after I removed the tag, I was rather disappointed to see that the spot already had a hole in it from where the safety pin for the tag was attached:

Lululemon really should not be using a metal safety pin on a material like this!

Anyway, I'm annoyed and am considering walking back to the store tomorrow to get a new one.  However, I kind of feel like they are probably all going to have the same problem since they all will have this tag!  On one hand the hole is not super big and will probably be hidden when worn, but on the other I just don't want a new scarf I just bought to already have a hole.  It's not even that small!  Argh.  What a stupid decision on their part.

While I was at the store, I decided to also pick up the Free To Be Wild bra in star crushed silver fox deep navy.  I'm still not super into the multiple straps on the back of this bra, but this color combo doesn't come in the regular free to be.  I liked the color/pattern in person more than I thought I would.  I got size 6, my usual bra size.  

I actually also ordered the Yogi Cut Off Tee in cayman stripe heathered medium gray online last week.  The price went down to $24 which is not bad.  I like these relaxed fitting muscle shirts.  This one seems like it could double up as casual wear.  Reviews seemed good, so I took a chance on it.

I got this top in size 4, and it fits just like how I would want it to fit!  I like it!  Although if I paid the full price of $58 on it, I probably wouldn't have been that happy.  It's vitasea fabric which is really thin.  The bottom edge seems to roll upward, and I haven't even worn it yet.  To be honest it just feels like a regular shirt you can get at Old Navy or something for a lot less.  But considering the Lululemon premium, $24 is probably fair enough.

I do appreciate the simple design of it.  But doesn't it look kind of cheap?  Lol.

So, yeah... you can probably find a similar top elsewhere easily for less.  But with that in mind, I still like it and will be keeping it.  Not that I can return it anyways, since I got it on sale!  It gets extra points for having the casual look so I can wear it with jeans or shorts in the summer.


  1. I was able to snag the coral one and the same thing happened to me! I took the pin off and found the same hole like you pictured. I stretched(gently) it out a bit to get the threads back in line and it worked, kind of.

    I absolutely LOVE free to be wild bras. I'm embarrassed to say I have 8 of them.

    1. Oh no! That confirms what I was thinking... Really not smart, Lululemon!

  2. You should try the Wild tank. It fits a lot better than the bra itself & the straps stay put. It's loose & flowy & shows off the back & drapes beautifully. I know you love open backs ;). I am surprised you haven't tried them yet. I love them!

    1. I actually tried that tank when it first came out in the store. It didn't fit me well! It was like the body was too loose and if I sized down then the bra would be too tight. Sad. :(

    2. It's worth giving it another try. I initially thought the same thing & had to mess with it a little bit. Also, the sizing between colors varies. There have been a couple colors that have had a much tighter bra than the same size in different colors. So, you should try on several ;) The 6 in about half of them work for me. We have similar builds. I am 5 ft. 5 in. 125 lbs

    3. That's true, they are rather inconsistent lol. I do like some of the new colors!

  3. I think the silver spoon scarf is a solid choice. It's versatile and you can definitely use it on a plane or in an office, when the air conditioning is too cold.

    The muscle tank fits better on you than on the LLL model. It will be cute (and comfortable) with some shorts and sandals in the summer.

    Good buys, in my opinion!


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